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7 Days to Drink Less Review – Read Before You Buy!

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Category Overcoming Addiction / Alcohol addiction
Program Lifelong 12-Step
Main Benefits     Consuming less alcohol


7 Days to Drink Less


 A woman gave her testimony about her addiction to alcohol and how it was ruining her life social bounds workflow one night things got crazy and she woke the next morning feeling ashamed so she decided she doesn’t want to do this to herself anymore as she was getting ready in the morning she saw on sky news Georgia foster talking about the 7 days to drink free and how it is an emotional habit that can be unlearned. The good news is this program is not only for people who have addiction, even those who want to consume less alcohol.  Detox hospitals /alcohol addiction clinics.


The program is called 7 Days To Drink Less. It’s a result of 22 years of neuroscientists and psychology research and travels to meet professionals and attend conferences and it’s all about training your mind and believing that you can drink slower and less.

Product Name 7 Days to Drink Less
Category Health and fitness / Overcoming addiction
Main benefits Consuming less alcohol
Formats of the program Mp3 /Pdf
Time you need 7 days
Suitable for  Women and men /older and young people
Price  $149.97!
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7 Days to Drink Less Review – Read Before You Buy!

Frequently asked questions :

Who created this program?

Georgia Foster is The author of the program a clinical therapist (hypnotherapist), she has been compiling experience since 1995. She helps people all over the world to improve their drinking habits. She is also recognized as an alcohol reduction expert.

In what form is the program going to be?

The program is only available online in an mp3 format or Pdf.

Is the program a legit or scam?

7 Days to Drink Less Review – Read Before You Buy!Georgia Foster is dedicating her life to talking about the drink less  7 days program in one of her videos she said that she loves being surrounded by people and helping them. From doing seminars to being on Tv shows where she shares her techniques to help people drink less alcohol.

What if I have any questions while reading or listening to the program?

The team of Georgia Foster will be happy to help contact them on their official website.

Drink less

More information

What will you learn in this program?

  • Learning about the capacities of our brains and how flexible they are in order to think and approach drinking alcohol differently  
  • Learning about Inner Dialogue Psychology theory and why you’re body is asking you to consume more alcohol (more than you want or need)
  • Dealing with life problems without the need for a glass of wine you’ll learn how to set realistic goals and build confidence and strong self-esteem
  • Tools and methods to achieve  regular Alcohol-Free Days free structured solutions and ideas if you find this hard also some techniques to break the cycle of sober sleep issues
  • Revealing the secret about alcohol measurement that the government sets.

Pros of this program 

  • The program is not offering you help to stop drinking instead reducing the intake.
  • The policy of money refund if for any reason you wanna stop for not finding the expected solutions
  • You can do read or listen to the program through your tech devices  whenever you want 
  • You’ll get rid of guilty ways of drinking and initiate a natural ‘drink less’ approach!
  • The 5 Powerful Life-Changing Hypnosis Audio Downloads.


  • Only available online but you can download the files then listen or read them offline.  
  • Unfortunately, serious alcohol addiction can’t be resolved with this program. 

How does the program work?

  • The program is powerful because it targets the mind reprogramming the mind to stop being addicted to alcohol. 
  • Training yourself to drink small amounts of alcohol using only natural techniques.
  • you’ll be able to restore happiness and permanently resolve all drinking concerns in just seven days. Drink Less because it’s a tried-and-true strategy.
  • Drink Less in 7 Days eliminates cravings and replaces them with more healthy drinking habits.

What are the results to expect?

  • Rather than gulping it down, enjoy drinking slowly and truly tasting what you’re drinking.
  • Without a glass of bourbon in your hand, you’ll have better stress management techniques.
  • While drinking less, you can get a better night’s sleep.
  • Simply by consuming less alcohol, you may lose weight without even thinking about it.
  • Sober communication is healthier, therefore you don’t have to drink to have certain talks.
  • Clearer thinking and more rational problem-solving

Conclusion :

The 7 Days To Drink Less is unique and it has been helping men and women for over 22 years. If you don’t quit drinking by this time, your body may suffer serious consequences. It is the best thing you can do for your health to stop drinking for 7 days to drink less online alcohol reduction programs. You’ll be happier and more energetic as a result. You won’t be tempted to drink again, and you’ll be able to sleep easier at night knowing you’re no longer an alcoholic. om others or make up a story about it.


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4 reviews for 7 Days to Drink Less Review – Read Before You Buy!

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Reviewed by 04 customer(s)

  • T.Jo


    Very Impactful…
    So well written. Georgia’s level of expertise and knowledge shines through her words and makes you feel you’re in good hands from the start. The chapters described me at a detailed level that really shocked me. Solutions like this are so surprisingly simple in life sometimes.

    It’s amazing when you remove false perspectives and shame from the picture. It’s then you are able to truly make your own clear choices and you find freedom to discover a new you that has different desires than your thought you had. I feel like a new person after this book in a way.

    30 March 2022
  • Meghan


    Highly recommend!
    Georgia’s take on the topic of over-drinking is incredibly refreshing!

    I’ve never considered myself to be an alcoholic, and that made me reluctant to seek help for my increasingly unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I knew I had the capacity to be a healthy drinker if I could just find someone who understood me and the reasons why I drank so much.

    This book gave an empathetic perspective, and helped me understand it’s my “thinking” behind my drinking that’s the problem.

    Before I found this book, I used alcohol to calm down and become more comfortable in social situations – and that always led to “over doing it”. Thanks to this book, I know how to get into that state before I start drinking, which allows me to have a healthier relationships with my drink AND with my friends and family.

    2 March 2022
  • Avatar


    Not everyone who drinks has a drinking problem. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic. And not everyone who drinks does so in a healthy way. Do you drink to have fun, or to forget? Can you have fun without alcohol? Will drinking truly make you forget? Do you ever ask yourself those questions?

    Do you ever let your inner critic look at your behaviour around alcohol and speak up? If not, then maybe you should. A conversational read that will make you think, this book provides a framework for reviewing your own habits and motivations around alcohol.

    26 December 2021
  • Alicia Bayer

    Alicia Bayer

    This book has a very interesting premise. The author is a hypnotherapist who uses a combination of psychology, hypnosis and problem solving to help her patients drink less alcohol. Some may take issue with her opinion that people with problems drinking too much don’t need to quit completely, but she claims to have a very good success rate helping people figure out why they drink too much and helping them solve those problems.
    Foster profiles drinkers in terms of their reasons for over-drinking and then gives them helpful solutions to temper their drinking. For instance, if you drink out of habit and just want to drink less then you drink one full glass of water between each glass of wine. There are different solutions for drinking because of it being part of your job, social pressures, binge drinking where you beat yourself up afterwards, stress drinking, etc. The solutions and the psychology seemed logical and I suspect it would be helpful for many people. The book has access to accompanying hypnosis tapes online, which I did not try. I read a digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review.

    13 December 2021

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