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Name of the program Affiliate marketing
Category E-commerce e-marketing
Format of the program Videos
Creator  Andrew Fox & Thomas Owen


The world has become crazy about increasing the number of passive incomes. people are side hustling at night or on weekends. Some of them have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs just from increasing their profits from the hustle side.

Affiliate marketing is the go-to for so many doesn’t require that much money. and almost 80% of worldwide brands have affiliate programs. So chances to find reliable affiliate offers are higher.

If you’re reading this review about affiliate millionnaire it means. you’re already thinking of escaping the rat race of a full-time job.

Name of the program Affiliate marketing
Category E-commerce e-marketing
Format of the program Videos
Creator Andrew Fox & Thomas Owen
Price $39
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What is Affiliate Millionaire?

Affiliate millionaire is a digital training program. That teaches you what marketing strategies to apply also what not to apply. In order to generate immense ROI(return on investment).

Beginners in affiliate marketing and also experts can benefit from this program. Affiliate millionaires include all levels starting from beginner to advanced.

In this digital training, you will learn tips and hacks and undiscovered techniques in Facebook ads. How to test campaigns and how to optimize them. In addition to that, you will have 4 bonuses. These bonuses will maximize your process of gaining profit.

Who’s behind affiliate millionaire?

Andrew Fox & Thomas Owen are the two genius who used their knowledge and experience to create the affiliate millionaire program.

Thomas has a turning point in his life which made him re-establish his idea of earning money. he looked for ways how to gain money online. he had hoped that affiliate marketing will be the escape from the nightmare of a 9-5 job.

And he finally did that he started selling simple digital products as an affiliate.

He started generating consistent $5,000 – $10,000 days of affiliate marketing on Clickbank.

Thomas Owen and Andrew Fox, make a fortune selling items on Clickbank one of the largest affiliate marketing marketplaces on the internet. They have become prominent Clickbank affiliate marketers. 

who created affiliate millionaire

What People are saying about affiliate millionaires?


Dr. Harlan one of the foremost marketers tried the program. Who generated over 100 million dollars in sales in the past 20 years . He had the chance to try affiliate millionaires. He was amazed by how the program included short and straightforward videos. 

affiliate millionaire review

What are the benefits of digital training affiliate millionaire?

Affiliate millionaires will help gain commissions by applying simple steps. Anyone who’s looking for effective strategies. Attracting more traffic and making conversions.

Here are some benefits that you’ll have out of affiliate millionaire:

  • First, you will learn how to pick up a niche that suits you. In order to have high outcomes. 
  • Picking up a reliable affiliate marketing offer will help your customers trust you. That’s why in affiliate millionaire you will learn how to distinguish those offers.
  • You will work from home at your own pace. No one will scold you for not respecting deadlines. Or being upset with you for not meeting expectations.
  • Creating a good presentation for the marketing offer you’ll be promoting.
  • Testing and optimizing Facebook campaigns in order to maximize profits.

What does the Affiliate Millionaire program include? 

   Pre warm-up affiliate millionaire mindset

  • Since analyzing your numbers is key in affiliate business. The first and most critical step is to know your numbers; otherwise, outcomes will be poor.
  • You’ll learn about the (40/20/20) Diversification Rule, which you may apply to boost the performance of your affiliate programs with no aid.
  • You will learn the distinction between two sorts of campaigns: high-risk campaigns and low-risk campaigns in this program.

The mindset is much more important than having a million dollars.

Justin Ho, How To Develop A Million Dollar Mindset


Module 1

Learn how to pick up niches that can drive high outcomes.

  • Choosing top funnels that can guarantee commissions up to 200
  • a list of offers that Thomas and Andrew worked on, knowing that will convert high.

Module 2: Creating the Perfect Lander

Landing pages are important when you’re promoting products. In fact, big companies when they want to testify a new product only create a landing page.

  • You will discover the three common types of landing pages: splash/blog, post/quizzes.
  • Enhancing your click-through rate within a week by applying 4 questions on your landing page.
  • The correct way to use blog-style landing pages for lower click-through rates, as well as the most Facebook-compliant landing sites to optimize Facebook ad traffic.

Module 3: Funnel Tasting + Power Tracking

You will learn with the help of module 3 lessons to track funnels and traffic. Using the data, you can select the best funnel. Your takeaway from those lessons are:

  • How to place your pixel using ClickBank’s newest system to skyrocket conversion rates (and why nobody else is using this system yet).
  • Create an email follow-up sequence that generates between $500 and $1,000 every day.
  • you must instal correctly pixels in order to reliably measure traffic and visitors.
  • Learn how to deliver winning campaigns with a 237 percent profit margin using the hidden gold standard of advertising tracking technology accessible for pennies on the dollar.
  • How to engage with suppliers to achieve the best “lookalike audiences” for your website visitors.
  • Explore ClickBank’s newest technology to locate your pixel for maximum conversions (and why nobody else is using this system yet).

Module 4: Targeting + Campaign Set Up

This module will teach you how to set up campaigns using the right formula. You will also learn:

  • you will learn how to develop a profile using the German Handshake method.
  • Targeting the right audience plus campaign setup.

Module 5: The Perfect Ad Copy and Creatives

  • This module takes care of creating media (material marketing for your Facebook ad).
  • Creating relevant content using your smartphone.
  • If you don’t want to do that by yourself. Affiliate billionaire will teach you how to hire affordable freelancers to do that for you.
  • An incredible and unexpected way to increase your sales: which is through Facebook ad copyrights.

Module 6: Launching the Campaign

  • This module will teach you all the factors of launching the Facebook campaign.
  • When to post your campaigns? There are specific times when your targeted audience will be online. So chances are higher to attract them.
  • The correct way to test a campaign.
  • How to set up the daily budget of campaigns.

Module 7: Optimize and Scale

Module 7 will cover different topics, such as 

  • Select your winning and your best campaign and how to optimize them.
  • Setting up your maximum cost-per-click (CPC). This way you can control the maximum amount that you could pay for each click on your ads.
  • Tracking your progress using the quick-fire technique.

How Does Affiliate Millionaire Work?

Affiliate millionaire will simplify the work for you. You will take practical steps to launch your affiliate business or if you’re already running one. It will help you take it to the next level.

The program follows a classic affiliate strategy. However, it’s spiced up with a lot of lessons and guides that will make your affiliate business successful.

The big picture that you’ll be working on is as it’s followed

how does affiliate millionaire work

Bonuses of Affiliate Millionaire 

Besides the main 7 modules, you will get 4 bonuses to help you boost your earnings.

Bonus 1

Thomas will show you authentic examples of how he earned  $186,000 in 6 weeks. And what Facebook ads and landing pages he used. To avoid wasting time and exploring wrong techniques.

Bonus 2

Thomas and Andrew put their secrets in a book about top converting offers. It will save you time and effort.

Bonus 3

This bonus is a video that’s going to reveal the 3 simple steps to get back your Facebook ad account.

Bonus 4

This bonus is where affiliate millionaire marketers gather with Thomas and Andrew. Once you purchase affiliate millionaire program, you will get access to it. 

Affiliate Millionaire Pricing

You will have all these treasures 4 bonuses for $39.Instantly accessible.

Affiliate Millionaire Refund Policy

If you prove you took the course. Ran your Facebook campaign and didn’t work. You can request a full refund within 60 days.

Affiliate millionaires work according to the ClickBank refund policy.

Pros and Cons


  • A full simplified and complete guide on how to master Facebook ads for affiliate marketing.
  • It is suitable for all levels, starting from beginners to advanced.
  • You will have support from Andrew and Thomas after purchasing the program.


Be ready to invest after purchasing the program. According to Thomas and Andrew, you will need to invest $20 to $30 for Facebook ads campaigns.


Can I make a $1,000 profit like Thomas?

Thomas said no typical result is expected. Depends on how well and fast you will improve. He had to learn Facebook ads from scratch and turn it into affiliate marketing.

How much do I need to spend to advertise?

The classic start that usually marketplace would recommend is  $5/day. However, Thomas and Andrew are saying in order to get reasonable clicks to your landing pages. You need to spend $20-30 a day.

Can Thomas help me if my Facebook ad account was shut down?

Thomas and Andrew offer a video in bonus 3 explaining how to get back your Facebook ad account. But they’re saying they can’t guarantee anything. Some niches are higher risk and know everyone knows that they’re high profit. 

What else do I need except for this course?

You will need a landing page you can create with free plugins on WordPress. or any other free landing page service.


Andrew and Thomas built affiliate millionaire to educate all levels of affiliate marketers on how to choose Facebook campaigns, as well as how to design campaign materials and optimize them.

You will find the newest strategies and techniques to maximize your Facebook campaigns performance. As a result, you will get more conversions and you will generate more money.

Start making extra money and stop the rat race of full time job

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Reviewed by 02 customer(s)

  • hyllis T

    hyllis T

    Excellent course and telling the truth about Affiliate Marketing. Is really not easy to listen to his speaking, the background and speaker are not very clear.

    6 April 2022
  • Avatar

    Aaron C.

    t’s good material. The instructor knows his subject. Some of the audio is a little hard to understand. But overall it has been a pleasant surprise.

    4 April 2022

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