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SEO Tool SERPed Review – Read Before You use it!

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Category E-Commerce and internet marketing / SEM & SEO
Suitable for Agencies
Main service   Keyword research /SEO analysis/Site management /Rank tracking /Rank tracking


All-in-one SEO Tool Suite SERPed Review – Read Before You use it!

Are you always disappointed by your inability to rank better on Google, Bing, or Yahoo?

Do you ever feel as though the search engine algorithms are overwhelming you?

We all want to keep up with the current SEO trends when it comes to our websites and blogs.

We’re in the same boat, believe me. But no longer!!!

Today we will review SEO Tool SERPed

Description of SEO tool SERPed 

With SERPed everything is designed under one roof, from keyword research to constructing a PBN, backing up your entire site, and attracting additional SEO clients. SERPed will let you 

  • Put your data to work, including some truly incredible bespoke SEO tools.
  •  Generate Thousands of lucrative keywords c.
  • Take advantage of your competitor’s backlinks.
  • Create your own reports.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.
  • The bulk of tasks is handled by automation. As a result of this integration, you will have more time to plan a superior roof.
Service Name SERPed
Category E-Commerce and internet marketing 
Main benefits Keyword research /SEO analysis/Site management /Rank tracking /Rank tracking
Monthly Yearly (3 Months Free)
Premium $79 / Month

Ultimate $179 / Month

 Enterprise $379 / Month

$59 / Month Paid Yearly

1$134 / Month Paid Yearly

$284 / Month Paid Yearly

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Frequently asked questions :

Who is behind SERPed?

The company is located in Tortola, the British Virgin Islands founded by Colin Klinkert, a South African entrepreneur residing in the United Kingdom. It has a staff of about 10 people.

Is there any free trial?

They don’t have a free trial offer, however, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

This isn’t dissimilar to other SEO products on the market, however, it’d be wonderful to get a sneak peek before committing any money to ensure it’ll work for your company’s needs.

How can I ensure that my data is safe?

To ensure your data get the highest level of security, SERPed  uses:

  1. SSL security SSL is a common security protocol for creating an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically, a web server and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client.
  2. Sucuri’s website security to block hacks
  3. 2-factor authentication for your accounts (optional)
  4. Strong encryption on all our databases

Read Videly video ranking software 

What are the features/offers of SEO Tool SERPed ?

SEO Analysis

All-in-one SEO Tool Suite SERPed Review – Read Before You use it! uses data from major players such as Moz, Majestic, and Alexa to provide an in-depth SEO study of any site, allowing you to determine its overall health and worth.

  • Serped strategy might be a more effective way to do SEO research and assist you to generate results.
  • Bulk URL Analyzer gathers and compares stats from up to 40 sites at once, making comparisons simple and determining which domains are worth buying.
  • SEO Audit is precisely a tool for conducting in-depth research and analysis on any website. You’ll get a thorough report with action items when the audit is finished.

Rank tracking is between your hands 

All-in-one SEO Tool Suite SERPed Review

It’s critical to keep track of your tasks/work rankings on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. However, SERed is much more adaptable than you may expect; it can mention our preferred location. For example, countries, cities, or any other geographical area. Furthermore, rankings for both mobile and desktop are given. Surprisingly, it can also track your competitors’ rankings.

  • SERPed primarily includes a module called “Rank Tracking,” which comprises a cutting-edge rank tracking tool that will assist you in tracking all of your website’s ranking elements. 
  • The local tracker can actually support businesses registered on Google My Business. First, you’ll have access to historical graphs and tables in order to have an overview of your ranking then you’ll see that you can track your competitors also (sounds great right) this way you can satisfy your local clients more.
  • Instant checker in situations where quick responses are required, such as client meetings, Instant Check allows SEO specialists to demonstrate their competence.
  • YouTube Tracker It provides you with detailed ranking results as well as historical statistics on the growth of your channel.

Keyword research

All-in-one SEO Tool Suite SERPed Review – Read Before You use it!
  • It can quickly assess your competition with a single button press, and then show you how to outrank them for any term.
  • Serped takes advantage of the fact that it makes SEO activities accessible without the need for extensive research.
  • You may sort keyword results by CPC, PPC competitiveness, or even traffic value.
  • Serped digs a lot deeper to uncover fresh long-tail keywords and phrases that are significantly simpler to rank for. Serped also makes it simple to examine how any website ranks for any keyword, including traffic predictions.
  • In only a few minutes and with a few clicks, you can find many “hidden” untapped keywords.

Domain finding

All-in-one SEO Tool Suite SERPed Review
  • With domain finding, you’ll save time doing all the long process for searching expired or expiring domain names
  • You’ll save yourself from losing money and not ranking well  just because you might purchase the wrong domain

Some pros and cons 

Suitable for 



  • Backlink analysis
  • Deep website analytics
  • Unique content curator
  • Client acquisition tools
  • Excellent site manager
  • Robust keyword analyzer
  •  Amazon Tracker


  • For freelancers, single-site owners, and bloggers, this isn’t the best option.
  • Developed for growing SEO companies with several clients who want agency-specific SEO solutions.
  • You may find yourself paying for features you don’t need if you run a small business or work alone.
  • SEO Tool SERPed SERPed does not offer any free trial

As we mentioned earlier SERPed does not offer any free trial however there is another good plan for you

SEO Tool SERPed Money-Back Guarantee 

You may quickly request a money return if you are dissatisfied with its services. All you have to do is create a ticket and receive your refund within 48-72 hours. You should test SERPed since there are no dangerous investments or long-term commitments involved.

Conclusion : was built for SEO professionals: it contains all of the functionality that other, more costly tools have, plus a slew of extras that make your life as an SEO expert a lot simpler. The Site Manager provides a variety of information that can be accessed with a single glance.


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4 reviews for SEO Tool SERPed Review – Read Before You use it!

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Reviewed by 04 customer(s)

  • Bridgette Bink

    Bridgette Bink

    I am interested in the part sorting keyword results by CPC, PPC competitiveness, or even traffic value, this is looking promising

    Heard that it has a big range of features and a good reporting feature

    27 December 2021
  • admin1063


    Yes Bridgette there is the report feature where the Site reports may be stored as templates for future reporting, making them truly “set and forget.” SERPed takes care of the heavy lifting so you can constantly meet and exceed your clients’ expectations with minimum effort

    27 December 2021
  • Jennifer Asten

    Jennifer Asten

    This tool is exactly what my company needs unfortunately for now we cannot afford it hope we will in the future.

    27 December 2021
  • Mark Ainsley

    Mark Ainsley

    Tried so many other tools before like Moz still trying currently but I will alternate to SERPed to see what it gives cause it sounds like a great deal.

    27 December 2021

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