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Boat Alert History Report is it legit or scam-read before you pay for the service!

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category sports /water sports
Main service  check the history of a used boat to avoid hidden problems
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You wanna buy a second-hand boat or you wanna sell one, however, you’re worried about the historical record of the boat. we get you according to last three years, the MCS reported and secured stolen yachts worth €8 million

Did you know that there is an online service where you enter the HIN of your boat and get information like theft checks, boat value calculators, boat recalls, and more.

What is Boat Alert History Report?

Boat Alert History Report is an online service that provides boat history for people who want to purchase second-hand boats. Using over 72 databases and DMV’s for your HULL ID, you can have an in-depth report that’s going to be a summary. Even sellers can use boat alerts to check their credibility.

Furthermore, verifying ownership of boats or if there is any possibility of theft is actually a good investment that can make the process of selling safer and more professional. You can present the report to your clients as support whenever they ask for information.

And the most important thing is that you can do that all online and only share the link of your report.

Company Name Boat Alert History Report
Category Sport/water sport
Main service Provides boat history about second-hand boats
Formats of the program Online platform
The price  $19.99
Availability  Check here

How does boat alert work?

If you purchase a boat alert history program. First, you will receive your order number, so you can start your investigation and search 22+ databases and more categories using the HIN decoder of any boat whether PCL or registered. at an affordable price, and their service of 10 report plans that will cover later does not expire. 

Now once you get your report if you find it clean that’s good. However, we suggest that you go search for other online history boat reports services to see if the report is collecting all data (you might wanna plan your budget for this step and see if you can do that).

Note: According to online reviews boat sellers and buyers are saying you might wanna consider seeing a professional surveyor make sure that everything is done legally.

the report will contain a summary of different information such as 

  • Accidents, Total Loss, Salvage, Recalls, theft.
  • The previous name of the boat.
  • Year validation.
  • Boat value calculator.
  • Salvage or total loss information.
  • NMVTIS federal report.
  • Hull Identification Number Check or HIN validation.

Benefits of boat history report

  • It will save you time because if you were to do this by yourself you would have to check every 45 states with over 70 databases(boat names and HIN).
  • No need to do a theft check. 
  • It provides depth and fast results of the analysis. 
  • With this company, you just need to go to one page, and you’ll receive a marine title as well as a 9-page boatfax. 
  • You will have accurate information cause 
  • Another advantage is that the information is accurate, cause the company has access to the NMVTIS database. 
  • You don’t have to worry about payment security everything is secure.

What information does the boat alert provide?

According to their official website, the report will include these pieces of information 

  • Accident checks the USA.
  • Boat recalls.
  • Boat value calculator.
  • Canadian registration (not PLC).
  • Cross Check Official numbers.
  • Claim and state-issued HIN’s
  • Full HIN decoder.
  • HIN validation.
  • Model name exact or close.
  • NMVTIS check 45 states.
  • Previous boat names.
  • Pollution incidents in the USA.
  • Some lien databases.
  • Salvage & total loss the USA.
  • Theft checks USA & international.
  • Year and Month of Manufacture.

What information does not the boat alert provide?

Some expected information you might not find in boat alert or any online service of boat history due to the 1994 Privacy Protection Act. However, they might do some exceptions in certain states they can get for example the owner names.

Boat Owner names from states that ban this

  • Boat Exported country (the boat ).
  • Motor VIN number and Boat Equipment check. 
  • Boat Warranty Claims or Insurance Claims.
  • Certified Marine Surveyors.
  • Length of the boat.
  • Original Dealer.
  • Trailer VIN.
  • Information about Boat Engine.

Pros and cons of boat history check 


  • time-saving with one research you can get access to downloadable reports.
  • easy to use doesn’t require any previous knowledge just need to enter HIN of the boat you wanna check to buy or sell
  • Both sellers and buyers can benefit from this online history check.
  • It’s affordable for  9 pages Viewable Instantly you only pay $19.99.


  • it might not be sufficient for some people since the reported history lack some details that we mentioned earlier. so you might reach out to a professional surveyor.


What if I lose my Order Number?

They actually can send it to you again: you just need to click on Lost Order Number. However, if you already received the order number and you did run the report keep you can find it in the archives. Just keep in mind that the report will remain for 60 days.

How much boat history reports cost me?

One report 10 reports 
$19.99 $39.99

My boat report came back clean. what’s the next step?

You’ve just finished your first step towards buying your boat according to 70+ databases no negative event was found. However, the team of boat history alert suggests that you consult a certified surveyor to ensure you’re getting any uncovered problems (if they exist).

Does Boat alert history have a Refund policy?

Yes, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you find the report not satisfying you can cancel your payment furthermore you will get instant money refund.

Where do I find the Hull ID on my boat?

The (HIN) is permanently mounted to the rear of the transom, generally in the top right corner, on all boats manufactured after November 1, 1972. to respect, the federal law and manufacturers must include it in the application for registration.

Why is my HIN is not working /invalid?

According to the official website If the system is saying your HIN is invalid, then you might wanna check it.

I found this list of their website types of hull ID numbers -based on dates. Since November 1, 1972, vessels that are used in the UAS are required to have a twelve-character hull identification number.

You might wanna check Hull Identification Number (HIN) Validation & Verification Guidelines

Can I use a Licence Plate instead of HIN?

For now, can only provide history research with  Searching HINs but if you contact the support team by email they can find the HIN using your State Registration No. or Provincial license number.

Final thoughts  

the boat history report is an online service where you get detailed reports about second-hand boats that you want to sell or buy. It will collect data like Boat recalls Boat value calculators, Accident checks in the USA. This report is composed of 9 pages that you can download instantly. 

Note if your budget is good enough to provide other online history reports from other companies, this way you can compare all reports and come up with a summary. In fact, according to the official website of boat-alert history all online history boats companies have limited information nevertheless, they will give you every possible relevant information that they can find about the boat.

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2 reviews for Boat Alert History Report is it legit or scam-read before you pay for the service!

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Reviewed by 02 customer(s)

  • Bob barnet

    Bob barnet

    Boat alert was extremely helpful to me when I bought my boat and it was a great value for the price. It gave me peace of mind with all of these online scammers selling boats. I was able to see where the boat was last registered to confirm the seller wasn’t lying to me and confirmed no past damage.

    21 February 2022
  • kevin shaw

    kevin shaw

    I have been searching for a 22ft Sea Hunt which I finally found and purchased for my family. The site I used to find my boat linked to the boat alert. A few boats I researched had damage on their reports which the seller did not mention. I was able to avoid those boats and in my opinion, this made using this service a must for anyone buying a used boat.

    21 February 2022

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