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Can you learn to sing online with singorama 2.0 -review2022-read before you purchase it

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product name Singorama
Category Art and entertainement
Author of the book  Melanie Alexander
Main service   allows you to practice while listening to different music


For the longest time, singing was regarded to be a natural talent. Because if it isn’t there from the start, there’s no reason to go hunting for it or even try to coax it out of yourself.

It takes a lot of effort and practice to learn how to play songs while singing. You will be training your vocal muscles as you practice these songs. When you’re just starting out, it might be difficult to sound like the original artist. This is why you must practice as much as possible and as frequently as possible. Singorama will give you a variety of lessons and training alternatives to help you enhance your voice and become a great singer in the most efficient manner possible.

What is the Singorama 2.0 program?

one of the most popular downloaded singing courses accessible on the internet, and it is appropriate for both beginners and intermediate singers.

a group of women singing together

Singorama allows you to practice while listening to different music. That makes the machine even more unique when you consider that you will be hearing and exercising songs written and recorded inside the Singorama studio. In addition, you will receive your own Mini Saving Facility Software. This computer program includes a simulated piano and a few recording functions. Where you will utilize the piano to use your audio climbing skills as well as to compose your own compositions.


Is singorama for beginners?

The classes begin with a relative beginner and progress to higher levels. To begin the course, you don’t need any prior musical or vocal experience; simply begin at the beginning and work your way up.

Is singorama available in a hard copy book package ?

Only a downloaded version of Singorama is available. Singorama is not available as a hard copy mailing course. Singorama is a downloadable e-course that you can download to your computer and start using right now! There’s no need to wait for delivery! Downloadable courses are less expensive, provide quick access, and are environmentally friendly (no plastic, or loss of natural resources).

Do I need any propr musical knowledge ?

No If you’re a novice with no prior musical experience, you’ll be OK. Singorama employs software and lectures to gradually teach singing theory.

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What are the requirements for Singorama ?

It works on both Mac and Windows computers. Singorama is compatible with Windows 98 and higher versions of Windows. A CD writer isn’t required, however, it will help you generate audio CDs for your stereo.

Is singorama suitable for kids?

Singorama was created with the intention of teaching youngsters as young as eight years old to sing. The course’s style and design make it simple for people of all ages to learn music and sing without being too tough or overwhelming. Note: For children under the age of eight, we recommend that a parent assists in explaining some subjects.

Does singorama have a refund policy?

Yes!!! They allow you to try our product for 8 weeks (56 days). You can’t possibly lose. If you are unhappy with “Singorama,” please contact them with your receipt or your name and date of purchase, and we will refund you up to the end of our guarantee period. It will not set you back any money. That’s how confident we are in your success.

what are the payment methods?

Singorama accepts payments using the CLICKBANK safe online banking system. Major credit cards are accepted by Clickbank, and PayPal payment options are also available via the ClickBank order form. Visit http://clickbank.com/contact.html to learn more about CLICKBANK.

Who’s behind Singorama ?

Melanie Alexander, an Australian voice instructor, TV personality, singer, composer, and vocal coach, invented the Singorama 2.0Melanie was a member of the famous Australian pop music group “Girlfriend” back in the 1990’s they went viral with singles in the top 10s across Australia and Asia. Though the band disbanded over time, Melanie held all of her lessons dear to her heart and desired to share them with everyone eager to learn and willing to work hard.
Singorama was created as a result of her extensive knowledge of the music industry.
Additionally, She devotes her time and energy to mentoring budding vocalists to help them realize their full potential. Part of this devotion went into creating the Singorama, which is now accessible.

What does the Singorama 2.0 program include?

The Singorama 2.0 is a vocal training program that includes 28 audio lessons, training exercises, new songs to help you implement the new skills you learn, a pdf workbook, and useful software all bundled into one easy-to-follow program that is ideal for beginners and advanced singers.

The program is organized into six sections that will cover each one of them now.

Introduction (Lessons 1-3) a guide for a beginner singer

The first audio lesson is all about discovering and strengthening your unique voice. It also teaches good posture and breathing exercises to each user. This session delves into the fundamentals of singing and gives you over 120 exercises to help you practice.
This module has three courses that will gradually introduce you to the software. It teaches you how to strengthen your voice and, in the last section, how to project your voices with tremendous assurance using the loaded resonance system.

Musical Stylings (Lessons 12-14) it’s time to choose your singing styles

This is the feature that students will like the most since this is when they will get the chance to explore their potential.

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals and learned some skills, it’s time to explore and improve your singing style. These courses will prepare you to be exposed to a variety of musical genres so that you may determine which one best suits your unique voice.
Regardless of the one you choose, you will be able to sing a wide variety of songs. This lesson will teach you how to become a diversified vocalist, someone who can be a jack of all trades while still specializing in their own style!

Vocal Skills And Techniques (Lessons 4-8)

In this section, you will learn about three key approaches as well as the many sorts of voices you may utilize to develop the greatest singing voice. Aside from that, this section discusses bad habits to avoid and focuses on enhancing your voice range. Technique one consists of five entertaining sessions that will guide you through various singing styles and show you how to enhance your tone and pitch. This strategy, which focuses on undesirable behaviors that you should be aware of in order to eliminate them, is quite popular among current students since everyone wants to get rid of these detrimental practices that virtually everyone suffers from. It becomes much more intriguing with the last technique.

Song Breakdown (Lessons 15-19)Dissecting a Song


In the latter portion of the program, you will go over numerous finished songs to put everything you have learned thus far to the test.

In addition, having the ability to sing you need to understand the mechanics of a song in order to sing it as well as possible.

Different songs have different vocal needs, therefore you must grasp what a piece requires of you as a vocalist. This is where you put everything you’ve learned into practice by singing songs you’ve never sung before. It will put your skills to the test and push them past their limits.

Theories In Music (Lessons 9-11) Music Theory Essentials

To be able to perform your vocals successfully, you must first understand how they are formed in the first place, deep inside your own body. These courses teach you about signatures (time and key), rhythm, the Solfege system with its major and minor keys, and how to read music with intervals and Solfege.
You will go into music theory just enough to get you started.

So this section is presented for you, to be knowledgeable about the theory underlying today’s music. With this approach, you will gain knowledge not only of your singing abilities but also of the history and principles that underpin them.

Making a Career in Music (Lessons 20-28)Moving You Forward As a Singer

The last section of the training focuses on getting your singing talent out into the world! The program provides ideas and insights not previously seen in any online music program. There are classes available to assist you to get started as a vocalist. They cover topics such as how to shine in auditions, how to overcome common artist obstacles, and how to perform live in front of an audience.

You’ll also learn how to overcome stage fright, work with a band, and even write your own songs. It also includes a couple of final technical courses to help you polish all you’ve learned thus far.

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Recording Studio Perfect Your Pitch
  • It allows you to record yourself and includes a replay tool so you can listen to your own voice and see where you can improve.
  • is a program you can use to check your pitch accuracy.



Who Is This Course For me? Why Should You Get It?

If you are interested in singing, you should definitely enroll in Singorama courses.

  • looking to improve anything from pitch to tone.
  • You can’t help but dream about singing in front of others without worrying about what they’ll think.
  • ready to take on the vast world of songwriting and singing.
  • You want to gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole.
  • want to learn more about what makes a song great?
  • a  beginner who is just starting out and hoping to learn how to sing and intermediate-level learners who are looking to refine their singing techniques.
  •  a student who wants to improve your vocal quality in an easy and comprehensive way. This will assist novices in swiftly developing with their voice training.
  •  intermediate-level singer wh Anything from pitch to tone can be improved.
  •  novice who is just getting started and wants to learn how to sing, as well as intermediate-level students who want to improve their singing techniques.
  • students looking for a simple and thorough solution to improve their vocal quality.

Some important points that you need to consider 

  • This may not be for you if you already have advanced skills.

(Many online evaluations of voice training software have criticized how the Singorama appears to be repetitious and even poor for users who are already at an advanced level).

  • To receive the best results from the course, you must be willing to put in the effort, just like with any other skill.
  • Singorama is for the serious vocalist who wants to improve or expand their natural sound.

the 5 FREE part-singing songs 

you will benefit from five free lessons; Melanie believes that the ability to sing is so much like building your muscles at the gym you need to train them regularly to make them stronger and every time you push yourself more you will take your performance to the next level.

Bonuses of singorama 2.0

the first one ismini studio recorder where you get to record yourself and relisten so you make progress 

the second one is Singorama Advancement App is valued at $97 but it’s for free for a limited time that was not mentioned on their official website, first, the app will help you warm up your vocal cords moreover you will work on improving your techniques and abilities.

for the third and last one you will have the ultimate guide on how to read music, it’s a deep guide that will teach you an important skill that you can add to your portfolio as a singer. 

singomora bonuses mini studio
singorama advanced app
how to read music singorama bonus

Pros and cons of singorama 2.0


it doesn’t take so much time to practice 

you only need 15 minutes of your time each day for you to complete the program, You will move forward from a newbie singer to a professional by merely spending this much time every day.

you can go from beginner to professional only by spending that amount of time, I know you must be thinking it’s a fraud despite this with consistency and hard work you can make a progress.

It has  comprehensive lesson coverage

You never have to be concerned about your voice talents again; simply enroll in the program and begin studying! Your courses will begin broad but will get progressively detailed as you progress.
It includes a studio (for brief recordings) and software (Perfect Pitch) that allows you to track your progress throughout the course.
Because of the nature of the platform, online courses have difficulties delivering feedback; however, the program overcomes this by allowing you to listen to how your voice develops over the numerous classes and vocal exercises that you go through.
The combination of the online courses, your workbook, and the offered vocal exercises will certainly bring out the artist in you!

you’re not satisfied you can get your money back 

So far most of the users didn’t ask for refunds since they find the program useful and meet their expectations however if you’re not satisfied with the program singorama creators provide you with 56 days money-back guarantee.

 Music heals all forms of misery

– Friedrich Nietzsche.


It needs a fast and steady internet connection

Assume you have an unreliable connection or are constantly on the road and cannot easily get on to the internet. In such a situation, online courses may be difficult because all of the resources are only available while you are connected. Furthermore, if you’re a busy bee who can’t even commit to the daily minimum of 15 minutes of online time, the course isn’t for you.

It is mostly an audio program

for people who prefer to study visually online, singorama is mostly an audio course, which may be a drawback Despite this disadvantage, the application functions because of the great information produced by the program’s inventor. 


I hope our review was helpful in answering all of your questions. Singorama is not a school that will turn you into a pop star overnight, but it will show you the route.
The program will need you to be vigilant, focused, and self-motivated since you will be listening to audio courses every day and tracking your progress over time. Let me remind you how to tell whether this program is right for you: you want to dig deep into the music industry and, moreover, you want to be a singer and songwriter. To summarize, singorama is your self-study guide to achieving your ambition of becoming a great singer.

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  • Avatar

    Emily jonathon

    The course consists mostly of a series of audio courses, as well as worksheets and software to assist me as I progress through the topics. The singing method truly covers a lot of various approaches and things that I need to master in order to use my voice successfully.

    15 February 2022
  • Roxanne Buchanan

    Roxanne Buchanan

    Singorama is a well-planned, thorough course that covers a great amount of material you need to learn to help you choose the ideal approach to sing for you. It is a rigorous musical performance course that will get you started on your journey to mastering the art of singing. Singorama assists you in discovering your own distinct voice rather than attempting to sound like other singers. It reveals your faults and assists you in overcoming them. This training will not teach you how to be a carbon duplicate of another renowned vocalist. However, because they are not unusual, they are frequently overlooked. You must learn to build your own distinct voice. Otherwise, you risk losing your distinct voice.

    15 February 2022

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