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Conversiobot Review 2022 – Read Before You use it!

Category E-Commerce and internet marketing
Suitable for Affiliate Review Sites/List-Building Pages/WordPress Blogs/Sales Letters/Dropshipping Sites/ECommerce Stores/Local Business Sites/Webinar Registration Pages/Consultancy Websites
Main service   Explode Your Sales, Bookings & Conversions.


Are you an Affiliate Marketer in need to build Chatbots to help you increase your sales?

Are you a freelancer looking for additional work?

Are you a blogger looking to increase your engagement quickly?

In all cases, you want to grow your subscriber list and convert more visitors into customers,

Let me introduce Conversiobot to you today.

With Conversiobot you can do that with only one line of code to be deployed on a blog or website!

Conversiobot is an AI chatbot that facilitates website owners in converting leads into sales and subscribers.

But before that let me give you a small definition of what is a ChatBot


what is a ChatBot?

Having clear and effective communication with your customers /visitors is key however you might not have enough time or you don’t have fluent convincing skills and this is when you need a chatbot. This computer software will communicate with your customers as if they were talking to a real person. 

How? The chatbot will incorporate and processes human dialogue (written or spoken)

What is a ConversioBot?

One of ConversioBot’s features for example is to assist users in building a large email list in order to reduce is a user-friendly AI chatbot that anyone can use even if you don’t have any coding skills in addition to that you can have unlimited chatbots which mean is: you to add an infinite number of chatbots to a single or many websites.

Program Name ConversioBot 
Category E-Commerce and internet marketing 
Suitable for  Affiliate Review Sites/List-Building Pages/WordPress Blogs/Sales Letters/Dropshipping Sites/ECommerce Stores/Local Business Sites/Webinar Registration Pages:Consultancy Websites
ConversioBot Lite  ConversioBot Pro
$35 per month $47 per month
Official website  Click here 
Start your own chatbot RIGHT FROM HERE 


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Do I Need To Install ConversioBot On My Computer?

ConversioBot is a user-friendly AI chatbot that does not require the user to have much experience. It allows you to add an infinite number of chatbots to single or many websites. ConversioBot also helps greatly in building a proper email list in order to reduce competition.

Is It Easy To Use And Is Training Included?

YES. ConversioBot was designed to be simple to use with only a few clicks. In just three easy steps, you can have your own Chatbot up and running in minutes. Members can access video lessons.

Which Programs Does This Work With?

It is compatible with THOUSANDS of applications, including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Wix, and many more. All you have to do is copy and paste a line of code into your application. This is something that almost any website builder and e-commerce platform will allow you to achieve.

Does This Work In Multiple Languages?

You can build Chatbots in any language. To activate this functionality, they offer you a simple one-click setup.

Can I customize My Own Bots?

To effortlessly construct a custom Bot, use their drag-and-drop Builder. You don’t need any coding experience. It’s as simple as point-and-click.

Will I Get Free Software Updates?

Good news yes !!!  your version of the software will be automatically updated with the latest patches. These updates are free for members.

if you’re a freelancer

First and foremost, even if you don’t have a website, you can still benefit from this software but HOW?

Your purchase includes a full Commercial License (worth $497). That implies you may charge clients for the Bots you design. You may also sell them Done-For-You Bots. According to their official website, they will never charge a royalty fee. A single sale might cover your one-time cost and then some!

You’re an affiliate marketer  they have a special plan for you too

If you are an affiliate marketer, you may utilize our ground-breaking functionality that allows you to install our Bot on any third-party website. This function is used by our Affiliates to add Bots to Vendor sites that they do not have access to. It’s an effective approach to bring attention to your affiliate benefits, purchase deadlines, and much more!

What I will get from ConversioBot

There are two front-end offers and four OTOs (one-time offers/upsells).

You can combine it with one or more of the one-time deals, or you can keep only the front end.

It includes two front-end offers and four OTOs (one-time offers/upsells).

If you only want the front end, you can do so, or you can combine it with one or more of the one-time deals. Each component of the AI chatbot software is briefly described below.

Front End – ConversioBot Pro Lifetime License vs. ConversioBot Lite.

There is unlikely to be a better value available than the “pro” offer for the front end.

A commercial license allows you to create and sell unique chatbots, as well as utilize them for your own needs, without incurring additional costs. This bot includes all of the marketing connectors you’ll need to establish an email list, such as Mailchimp and Aweber.

OTO 1 – Done For You Pro

By taking advantage of this one-time offer, you will be adding an expanding number of ready-to-use chatbot templates to your library. To change any of these, simply make a duplicate and alter it as needed. With this Done For You solution, it is quite simple to establish various sorts of chatbots for small speciality businesses. in fact it is simpler and faster than creating scripts.

OTO 2 – Auto Chatbot Builder

This is a useful function if you don’t have time to create and build your own chatbots. You may submit essential information and integrate it with a template with only a few clicks.

Using the templates, you will change the general information with information specific to your company or customer.

OTO 3 – ConversioBot Extreme

People prefer this option since you can brand your chatbots to link back to your website (or a client’s website)! There are also several bot varieties possible, such as embedded bots and full-page bots.

Most commercial chatbots do not provide this level of customization. Certainly, this is an added selling point that you should mention if you’re a freelancer offering this to your clients.

Full-page bots are an efficient technique to turn visitors into leads. They are also considered as an email marketing funnel

OTO 4 – Agency License

It allows you to add other team members to your account.

What I personally liked is you can have several benefits and training opportunities, such as a website builder that allows you to design your own website for your service internet marketers or online businesses that are only doing a few thousand dollars in sales may not require this.

Features of ConversioBot Pro and ConversioBot Lite 

ConversioBot Pro ConversioBot Lite
  • 100% friendly for newbies
  • Compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Shopify, HTML websites, over 1300 applications, and several other programs.
  • Support in several languages
  • Complete step-by-step instruction manual
Additional features of ConversioBot Pro 
  • Multi-License that may be put on many websites, 
  • embeddable dots, delayed bots, and other features.
  • ConversioBot’s branding was replaced with custom branding.
  • Full commercial license.

ConversioBot Pricing 

ConversioBot pricing 

You have two plans 

  • ConversioBot Lite – $35 per month
  • ConversioBot Pro – $47 per month

ConversioBot is priced at $35. The basic ConversioBot service includes 30,000 automatic talks and limitless manual chatbots.

P.S. Your business-related replies will need to be entered manually.

The basic plan includes ten free templates, which may substantially speed up the process.

If you don’t want to manually program the Chatbot and want it to perform properly, these are both viable choices.

ConversioBot Lite- $35/month:

  • Works with WordPress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Shopify, Wix, HTML Websites, and some other programs.
  • Create custom chatbots in minutes.
  • Reduce support tickets by providing customer service.
  • Microsoft Cloud applications with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Fully integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.
  • Fully integrates with Aweber, MailChimp, MaroPost, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Sendlane.
  • Works with 1500+ Apps and integrates them with Zapier.
  • Works in any language.
  • Step-by-step training videos.
  • 1 Chatbot & 6,000 Conversions/Month.

ConversioBot Pro- $47/month

  • It is compatible with over 1500 apps and combines them with Zapier.
  • 3 chatbots and 12,000 conversions each month
  • License for multiple sites.
  • 10 AI Chat Templates  ready to use 
  • Complete commercial license.
  • Drive More Sales and more leads.
  • Lite Plan
  • ConversioBot Lite​
  • $35 per month
  • Pro Plan
  • ConversioBot Pro
  • $47 per month

How I create Chatbots with ConversioBot?

If you follow these three simple steps, ConversioBot might be up and operating on your website in minutes:

All instructions are provided in a clear way so that even novices may easily follow them.

  • You may utilize their pre-made templates and modify them to fit your specific niche. You may also use the drag-and-drop tool to design your own template.
  • Copy the one-line code for the template that you’ve chosen.
  • Copy and paste the code into your website, and you’ll be up and running nearly instantly. After you’ve installed this intelligent chatbot on your website or blog,

How does the software work?

  • When someone visits your website, the chatbot engages with him while initiating a dialogue.
  • It then obtains a response from him and invites him to join the email list.
  • Following that, the smart template makes an appointment with the visitor to explain more about the product,/service with the goal of converting the visitor into a subscriber.
  • It then asks the visitor to fill up a survey on how he thinks about the features.

Return policy of ConversioBot 

ConversioBot features a 30-day money-back guarantee, enabling you the confidence to try this tool. If you are dissatisfied, you can email customer service and request a full refund. However, if you’re a newbie looking to discover the methods of swiftly making affiliate commissions. It is rather expensive to pay $35 or $47 each month.


ConversioBot is a fantastic chatbot with AI that offers the greatest replies while also allowing users to evaluate and review the visitor’s behaviour. It has several fantastic capabilities that may automate your processes with Artificial Intelligence, which may optimize your conversions, customer happiness, and eliminate the need for any staff.

It also provides reasonable price choices, including an agency license, a business license, and a chatbot builder. This platform is a terrific location to personalize all of your chatbots, and the Pro package allows you to effortlessly alter the name with a few clicks.



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