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KETO BREADS BOOK REVIEW 2022– Read Before You Buy!

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Product Name Keto Breads
Category Cooking, Food & Wine 
Author of the book  Kelley Herring
Main benefits Providing alternative recipes for bread  wheat-free


Keto Breads


Every year more people from all over the world are starting ketogenic diets in fact according to bolstgloba keto seemed to be the most Googled food-related term on the globe, with 25.4 million searches in 2020, “keto”.

But why people are driving to this diet?

First, its low carb contains (5-10% carbs) which is suitable for  people who want to lose weight  naturally  (insert a photo of proportions of nutrients ) 

Actually, In the United States, about 70% of adults are overweight which can cause type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other things. Furthermore, people are sick of processing food that we all know can harm our digestive system.

However, if you go for the keto diet you might comprise things like eating bread, but not anymore!

We will cover a complete overview of a program that can be life-changing for you, it’s a set of recipes keto-friendly called keto breads.

Let’s get started!

Product Name Keto Breads
Category  Cooking, Food & Wine 
Author of the book  Kelley Herring
Main benefits Providing alternative recipes for bread  wheat-free
Formats of the program Ebook/book
Suitable for  Anybody wishing to eliminate foods that may be inflammatory or cause other health-related.
Price  $24.95 ebook

$24.95 physical book

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What is keto breads? 

The bread recipes are also formulated to be low in additives and other potentially unhealthy additions often found in store-bought bread.

It will be your guide for baking bread that you’re probably compromising. Let’s agree that all bread that you could find in the grocery shop is filled with ingredients that will be damaging to your physical health and long term will also affect your mental health.

That’s why keto bread is considered to save you from not failing in your keto diet with easy step by step recipes and affordable ingredients that can be found anywhere in addition to that you will get to experience the delicious flavours all while still being on your diet.


Does the keto bread taste good?

The slices aren’t thick or dry like many other options.

Keto bread is delicious, but it tastes much better when gently toasted.

Although the bread is substantial and tastes best when toasted, it makes a decent basic sandwich bread. You can also discover vegan alternatives. It’s good for most individuals who aren’t allergic to nuts, coconut flour, or eggs.

How much Keto Breads can I eat?

You’ll want to eat keto bread with 8-10 total carbohydrates per serving size to stay on track with your diet. In general, most keto dieters should limit their carb intake to 20-60 grams per day.

Does keto Breads help with losing weight?

You can reduce weight, enhance your general health, and enrich your body and mind with keto. Here’s where you can learn more about the Keto Diet.

Who created this book?

Let’s meet the author!

After becoming interested in the detailed process of figuring out how to make nourishing meals from scratch at home, Kelley founded this company about 20 years ago.

She has a background in nutritional biochemistry, which has awakened her interest in nutrition research on a variety of levels.

Kelley Herring, the creator of the publishing business Healing Gourmet, wrote the Keto bread cookbook.

Kelley’s firm, Healing Gourmet, focuses on making nutritionally balanced meal planning and dishes based on the science of healthy living.


kelley Herring

What does Keto Breads book cover 

Throughout the program, several subjects are explored. First of all, you’ll get answers to the most important question: why white bread is harmful to your health?  Then you’ll discover why gluten-free bread is worse for you than regular bread. 

Throughout the session, several most naturally and healthily justifications are addressed. The program gives you helpful advice on how to consume nutritious pieces of bread without avoiding gluten.

  •  You can complete recipes in under 15 minutes. It’s quite simple to make. Even if you haven’t baked before, you don’t  need to be an expert baker to create these recipes,
  •  If you have allergies or food intolerances, finding baking recipes that suit your needs might be tough. Indeed, this book takes this into account and offers you a variety of nutritious alternatives to eggs, nuts, and dairy products.  
  •  You’ll have tasty bread recipes, complete with step-by-step directions and gram measurements. In addition, you’ll get fail-Proof Ways to cause why not? This is how the recipes came out by trying and researching failing and learning what works so you can have methods for making nutritious and Taste Tested to perfection.

So you can bake confidently these bread recipes, knowing that they will produce the same results as those displayed in the cookbook’s photographs.


  • Because knowledge is important in every health program that we follow this book prioritize this fact we know you might be following a Ketogenic diet, it can be quite challenging to keep track of nutritional information. As a result, this book provides detailed nutritional data, dietary ratios, and net carbohydrates for each portion.
Keto Breads features

What are the recipes that I will find?

You’ll find a handful of recipes for just about every type of bread you can think of.

  •  keto-friendly. 
  • simple to create and come with thorough step-by-step directions, ingredient lists, nutritional information.
  • No more bread tasting like dirt.
Loaf Breads Flat Breads Breakfast Breads
  • Classic sandwich loaf. 
  • Hearty Sandwich Bread.
  • French Bread.
  • Protein Bread.
  • Almond Butter Bread.


Rolls and Buns Crackers/

Croutons and Crusts

Healthy Substitutions
  • Herbed. Dinner Rolls.
  • Cheddar Slider Buns.
  • No-Ritos Nacho Chips.
  • Pizza Crust.
  • Homemade Grain-Free Baking Powder.
  • Daily-Free Sour Cream.

Now that we walked you through what you can find on Keto Breads how about giving it a look at the advantages also the disadvantages of the program.

Prons of Keto Breads 

  • learning how to make healthy bread alternatives that are actually good for you and that taste good too. You get to
  • Enjoy slices of bread you love while simultaneously improving your health and weight loss.
  • The variety of recipes from crusts to crackers, to biscuits and bagels, it’s all there for you and right on your tech device, which is super convenient. 
  • The money-back-guarantee is also a great advantage. his gives you time to taste what you’re buying before making a decision and that’s awesome.
  • Well structured recipes
  • Digital or physical copies available

Cons of Keto Breads 

We might find some people calling Keto Breads(bagels and bars as a cheat food so you might have some doubts about purchasing this book but according to Amanda Maucere, a registered dietitian and nutritionist (RDN) for the Lung Health Institute :

“These meals can also help other people enjoy with state of ketosis for a longer amount of time without becoming deprived of their favourite foods,” 

“Keto-friendly versions of our favourite meals may e a part of a well-balanced diet,” says the author.

Who might need Keto Breads Cookbook?

  • Anybody wishing to eliminate foods that may be inflammatory or cause other health-related difficulties frequently accompanied by the author may find some useful recipes in this book.
  • This recipe book, in particular, is wheat-free, so individuals who want to attempt a diet without wheat germs may find it beneficial.
  • This book will delight anyone and everyone who enjoys experimenting with unique recipes.
  • If you are the type of person who likes to spend some time looking for unusual ingredients and learning how to mix them into tasty bread, then your definitely will love this book. Those following a ketogenic diet will find the meals to be ideal for balancing their love of bread with foods that won’t damage their body’s ketosis balance.
  • If you have limited time to eat and prepare then you’re more likely not to benefit from the book.

How much does it cost?

The physical book is for 24.95 shipped directly to you for people who prefer books to add to their collection, and for the ebook or digital copy that you can download to any of your devices is for 24.95 and use it wherever you want even when you travel.

keto breads price

Is Keto Breads legit or a scam?

We’re sure to declare that Keto Breads is a reputable cookbook that you can acquire from the company’s website without any issues based on what we’ve seen from consumer evaluations on the internet (reviews on Facebook/youtube/blogs).

Many individuals bought and utilized this cookbook with no issues.

Here are a few comments of people who used Keto Breads recipes

Love your breads! I am on a restricted diet: no gluten, no grains (including rice) and no dairy. The only gluten-free breads I’ve been able to find are made with rice flour, potato starch and have lots of carbs. I could never find bread that I could eat and enjoy. Your recipes are a lifesaver! And so good! Thank you.


I recently purchased your breads recipe book. This was a mistake on my part. I’m from Australia trying to live a healthy life, but your bloody breads are so damn delicious I seriously can’t make them anymore because I just eat a lot! That banana bread should be banned!


Despite my overindulgence, I’ve lost 1.3 kg and I’m fairly lean for a 50-year-old. Congratulations lady, no one could possibly be disappointed in your recipes. A refreshing change to the crap that’s out there. Well done!

Does the program has a refund policy?

If you don’t like the recipes or believe the book isn’t worth the money, you have up to two months to return it for a full refund(60-day money-back guarantee). Also, Kelley Herring and her team are confident enough that you will appreciate their goods and is prepared to guarantee it.

Conclusion with all the content of the book, you can start to learn how to create your bread while also being more cautious about what bread you purchase in the future. In addition, The recipes are straightforward to follow.

Another thing to mention is even people who are not on the keto diet and they just want to be  intentional when it comes to what they are eating 


with all the content of the book, you can start to learn how to create your bread while also being more cautious about what bread you purchase in the future. In addition, The recipes are straightforward to follow.

Another thing to mention is even people who are not on the keto diet and they just want to be intentional when it comes to what they are eating. Kelley has also used her educational skills to make an impact on the lives of others.

Start Making your own Keto Breads !

keto breads price

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Reviewed by 05 customer(s)

  • Waha Pete

    Waha Pete

    I have just received this book today. My very first impression was like, “where’s the book?” I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it cover or maybe even by it’s thickness, but for roughly $40 I really thought there would be much more to it. The product description mentions the weight but not the number of pages. Keto Breads has 113 pages, many extra color photos and nice color photos for each of the 37 recipes. I’ll post an update after some use.

    10 April 2022
  • Avatar

    Jane Smith

    This book is excellent for making breads. I love the banana bread especially. I’m anxious to try the others— they all look very easy and she gives lots of tips. I’m wondering how her dessert book is. I can’t use erythritol because it gives me headaches so I’m on the hunt for a good, low carb dessert book that doesn’t use erythritol.

    3 February 2022
  • Marianne


    The recipes are easy to make and are delicious. If you want to toast Keto bread, you need a toaster over to do the job correctly. This allows you to toast the edges of the bread very dark and crispy giving it a nutty flavour that is great. Also, I refrigerate my bread and a toaster oven allows you to toast it around the edges and toasts the centre of the bread to perfection. You will want to experiment with toasting until you find just the right amount of time for you. Hope you enjoy it.
    12 people found this helpful.

    25 January 2022
  • Kimberly Knox

    Kimberly Knox

    Great book with a great amount of information to make good breads that are keto!

    18 January 2022
  • Jerrie Buchanan

    Jerrie Buchanan

    I have enjoyed this cookbook for its recipes. The way the book is bound makes using it VERY difficult. Ring-binder would be more user friendly.

    18 January 2022

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