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Nunbeleivable keto cookie review 2022 is it worth trying ?

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Name of the product Nunbeleivable keto cookie
Category Cooking, Food & Wine: 
Subcategory Special Diet
Creators Kuda Biza  

Nunbelievable, Co-founder & CMO

Bryan Janeczko photo 

Nunbelievable, Co-founder & CEO

Main benefit Having your dessert without feeling guilty


Ketogenic diets shift the body’s metabolism away from carbohydrates and toward fat storage. Many people want a reasonable weight reduction strategy when they decide to lose weight. The Keto diet puts your body into ketosis. As a result, you will quickly burn fat and convert it to energy.

However, you will always struggle if you don’t find healthy alternatives for desserts and sweets.

For this reason, the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies were created.

Name of the product Nunbeleivable keto cookie
Category Cooking, Food & Wine: 
Subcategory Special Diet
Creators Kuda Biza  

Nunbelievable, Co-founder & CMO

Bryan Janeczko photo 

Nunbelievable, Co-founder & CEO

Ingredients Pecans/sea salt/almond flour/eggs/

Palm Oil/sugar-free chocolate.

Flavors Pecan, SandyDouble, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle
Price One box with six-packs of Nunbelievable Keto Cookies is for  $34.99. 

Three boxes (each one containing 6 packs) are for  $73.97

Two boxes(each one containing 6 packs)  of Nunbelievable are $59.48.

Availability official website page

Nunbelievable Keto Cookies overview 

Nunbeleivable keto cookies are a healthy and natural snack for those who are struggling to follow a diet. They contain low carbs and high fats which is the exact same principle of the keto diet.

the keto diet is based on healthy fat foods and low  carbohydrates without neglecting moderate portions of protein. When you’re on a keto diet your body will transform healthy fats into calories.

Nunbeleivable keto cookies come with four natural flavors Pecan, SandyDouble, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle. Furthermore, the cookies have a natural sweetness that comes from  Monk fruit, erythritol, and stevia.

How much Nunbelievable Cookie I can have?

You can have as much as you want as the cookies are sugar-free. However, you should before be aware if you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients of Nunbelievable keto  Cookie.

What are the ingredients of Nunbelievable keto  Cookie? 

The team of Nunbelievable keto Cookie is transparent about its ingredients. There is Pecans, Sea Salt, Almond Flour, Palm Oil, Eggs, and Butter.

All the ingredients are Non-GMO some of them contain gluten and grain. However, there is the  individual artisanal cookie that comes Gluten-Free.


Almond Flour is so good to bake with as it is high in protein, gluten-free(for people who are allergic to gluten and get bloated whenever eat backing sweets).

Palm Oil

Palm oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. People in keto diets generally don’t just follow a diet they also work out and exercise. Which can be a good option to help your muscles and joints to recover fast and effectively.

Sea Salt

The other ingredient that will help your muscles to recover especially after an intense physical effort is sea salt.Sea salt contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium necessary for your overall health.

Sugar-Free Chocolate

That’s why you can eat as much as you can the Nunbelievable keto Cookie are made with sugar-free chocolate so you can eat guilt-free.


Are a good source of protein that will help you get your healthy portion of vitamin D and omega-3  which is good for your muscle-building process.


Although this ingredient might be confusing for some people as we are saying the cookies are healthy. Butter with moderate portions can be your source of healthy fatty acids that will eventually transform into calories.

What are the prices of nunbelievable keto  Cookie packs?

One box with six-packs of Nunbelievable Keto Cookies is for  $34.99. 

Three boxes (each one containing 6 packs) are for  $73.97. 

Two boxes(each one containing 6 packs)  of Nunbelievable are $59.48.

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Nunbelievable keto  Cookie packs are making a social impact 

1,033,151 is the number f donation that they accomplished so far.

For every cookie sold Nunbelievable donates 1 Meal to someone in need. Their vision is to build a meaningful business baking cookies across the USA. with the simple give-back model, a meal is donated for every cookie pack purchased. Besides they’re having a vision for the future which is to provide at least 10 million people by the year 2023.

Who’s behind Nunbeleivable keto cookie?

Two foodies and entrepreneurs who are committed to serving others. They wanted to build a mission-driven business that could support hunger relief efforts in America- so that those most in need- would not go hungry. We’ve partnered with leading nonprofit partners, such as Feeding America, World Vision, and City Relief to provide nearly 1 million meals (and growing!) across this country. 

The name “Nunbelievable” was inspired by the nuns and their devotion to feeding hungry people. They noticed how firsthand they were serving others, and they realized the great need: for some, missing one week’s paycheck can mean going hungry or becoming homeless.

Their most important model business model is a simple ‘give-back’ model because They want you to know that your dollar makes an impact. 

Kuda Biza  

Nunbelievable, Co-founder & CMO

Bryan Janeczko photo 

Nunbelievable, Co-founder & CEO

Culinary Expert Gretchen Fontier

is a wellness chef and recipe developer who takes pride in using real, whole foods to create both delicious and nutritious offerings for her family, friends, and clients. She studied at Natural Gourmet Institute (now the Natural Gourmet Center at ICE) which focuses on plant-based and health-supportive cooking. She has a passion for baking and believes in eating dessert first (in moderation of course)! Raising her son in East Harlem, she knows the challenges of finding all-natural products in a food desert. She is dedicated to finding ways to provide affordable, nutritious, and delicious food to those in need. Gretchen joined Nunbelievable after a career as a restaurant chef and recipe developer for a corporate wellness company.


Nutrition Expert Kristen Carli

is a registered dietician who specializes in disease prevention and management as well as vegan/vegetarian nutrition. Having a passion for nutrition communication, she has been featured in InStyle, Bustle, Livestrong, The List, MyFitnessPal, and many others. Kristen’s goal Is to help others identify and knock down their individual barriers hindering them from living a healthy life. She develops and shares healthy plant-based recipes to her food blog, Mostly Green.

Making desserts with Nunbelievable keto  Cookie

In Their official website, they have amazing recipes waiting for you to try you can share them in your Instagram feed or your Pinterest collection.

See Pinterest posts what people are saying about it.

Or in their highlighted stories on Instagram.

Pros and cons of Nunbelievable keto  Cookie


  • You can have them as a snack or use them to prepare mouth-watering recipes.
  • They are keto-friendly no need to feel like you’re cheating. Natural ingredients are used to make cookies that are devoid of preservatives and artificial flavors.
  • With Nunbelievable keto Cookie, you won’t compromise taste over nutrition value. They are made with a great combination of natural sweeteners(monk fruit, erythritol, and stevia ).
  • By enjoying your Nunbelievable keto Cookie you’re contributing to reducing global hunger. Buying a box will ensure donations for unprivileged persons.
  • Nunbelievable offers a 100% money-back guarantee for all purchases.


  • Low carb, keto cookies contain nuts. Some people might be allergic to nuts such as almonds.
  • The prices compared to Walmart cookies or any grocery store are higher. However, the composition and the value that the team is offering us are just unique. 
  • Some people might develop allergies to certain ingredients added to give sweetness such as Monk Fruit, and Erythritol.
  • Unfortunately,  they are currently only shipping and selling to the United States.


Nunbelievable cookies are prepared with natural ingredients and include no preservatives or artificial flavors.
They aren’t simply selling cookies;  They offer 1 meal to a hungry person for every cookie sold. For people with diabetes or on a low carb/keto diet, the low-carb, keto cookies are an excellent alternative. Individually wrapped cookies are also great for on-the-go, after-school, or after-dinner snacks, and they fit well in school lunches.

While the low-carb keto cookies are a terrific sweet treat for diabetics, some people may find the natural sweetener substitutes utilized to have an unusual flavor. Furthermore, because all of these cookies are prepared with almond flour, they are not suitable for anyone who is allergic to tree nuts.

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3 reviews for Nunbeleivable keto cookie review 2022 is it worth trying ?

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Reviewed by 03 customer(s)

  • Lesia Val

    Lesia Val

    Can’t find double chocolate or snickerdoodle flavors in stores….
    but pecan candy is AMAZING!

    6 April 2022
  • Avatar


    Thank you for your honest review Thomas, Can’t wait to get the program. Lets goo

    4 April 2022
  • C. Simmons

    C. Simmons

    They’re almost as good as the real thing (when you can adjust the peanut butter levels to your likings). I’ll be buying these again without a doubt!
    A suggestion: try microwaving them for a couple of seconds. While they’re fantastic straight out of the box, this elevates them to a whole other level. Yum!
    After taking a chance on these, I’m glad I did.

    23 March 2022

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