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Online tennis instruction with Florian Meier-read before you buy

Name of the product online tennis instruction
Category sports
Main benefit learn all techniques and hacks about tennis.
Creator Florian Meier
Format of the program videos
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Not everyone has the time to practice tennis on the court with an instructor. But now with the internet, everything is possible. Online tennis instruction is one the most reliable programs that you can ever find.

How does it work? pros and cons we will cover these points and more.

Name of the product online tennis instruction
Category sports
Main benefit learn all techniques and hacks about tennis.
Creator Florian Meier
Format of the program videos
Price  $197/year

 $297/ year 1 Personalized Video Review / Month you will be charged

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What is online tennis instruction?

Online tennis construction is an all-in-one program that any tennis player can benefit from it.

The program includes 8 In-depth Courses (40+ Videos per course), 60+ Training Modules (12+ Videos per module).  where you will learn how to work on your strength and tactics. Furthermore, you will have access to the online tennis instruction community.

You will also find book recommendations, tennis articles. The creator has specifically created videos for those who want to be professional tennis gamers.

Who is the creator of online tennis instruction? 

Florian Meier is a well-known tennis instructor. Mayer won his first ATP title after four previous defeats in ATP finals. He competed for the first time in the summer of the Olympics 2004.

The same year he received the ATP Newcomer of the Year award 2004. He is now a retired player in tennis since 2018, now he dedicated all his time to teaching tennis players (He was the private coach of Carina Witthoft ).

Furthermore, he gave courses at the academies of Patrick McEnroe and Chris Evert(professional American tennis players and formers).

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Gregg Le Sueur

Meet the other instructors of online tennis instruction

Gregg Le Sueur 

Gregg Le Sueur, an OTI Master Instructor, created the training curriculum.
He’ll teach you how to play with his daily progressive training videos, which are appropriate for players of all ages and skill levels.

Nadim Naser Master Instructor 

He started professional athleticism at a very young age. He continues his career in high school and college. Nadim is always eager to learn more about the tennis world. He will differently help you discover your skills and develop them.


Ean Meyer Master Instructor 

An ancient and pro-level tennis player and instructor. Owner of Ean Meyer Tennis since 1987.

 He occupied several posts as a director of a tennis school. For one year (2018) he was the co-founder and head of tennis at

How does online tennis instruction work?

They divided the program into two sections. The first one covers fitness tips and playing techniques, also strategies.

 As for the second one, it’s more about mental tennis, techniques that you can implement to be a better hitter. or improve your tennis forehand and backhand. Swing. Florian Meier was known for his unique style of playing. He put all his knowledge with the help of the other master’s instructors. The coaches will show you practical techniques in the training videos based on scientific methods.

What does online tennis instruction include?

The program includes 8 In-depth courses (40+ videos per course). You can purchase each course individually. In each course, you will learn specific techniques that you can master.

The 8 In-depth Courses are :

1 In the serve blueprint

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are at the top for the second serve. They recorded the highest scores in 2019. In this course, you will learn their secret to final master your Serves.

How to avoid common mistakes when hitting your ball for a second serve. 

Finally, you will learn all about two major concepts. That the instructor Florian Meyer claims no one has shared them before. These two concepts will help you make quick improvements.

2  Total Forehand Domination. 

3  The one-Handed Backhand Blueprint.

4  The Two-Handed Backhand Blueprint.

5  Winning At The Net.  

6 Return Of Serve Blueprint 

7  The Doubles Blueprint   

8 The Slice Blueprint

60 Additional Video Training Modules (12+ Videos per module).Here are some modules that you will work on:

Mastering Topspin With Florian Meyer

 In this module, you will learn how to better control your ball. Including how to keep it from going long. Essentially, you will follow the steps like choosing the right grip and how your wrist should be.

Movement Drills With Ean Mayer

For this one, you will have a guide on how to master movements drills. From practicing basic drills to learning how to dribble.

 Shoulder Strength and Flexibility With Florian Meier

The shoulders are the part of the body that you should not neglect when playing tennis. They are the key factor in controlling the racquet head, either slowing it or speeding up it. Working on your shoulder flexibility and resilience will help you maintain longevity.

Focus, Clarity & Calm With former world #1 doubles player Jim Grabb

Although playing tennis might be fun, it’s a quite challenging sport. Remaining calm and clear is essential to stay focused on the game. In this module, you will learn how to slow down, control your breath.

 In addition, you will learn how to deal with stressful situations. Even the top tennis players can have anxiety when preparing for a game.

Singles Baseline Tactics With Jeff Lewis

Winning your single baseline is important to succeed on the court. To make that happen, you will learn fundamental strategies and tactics. Setting up a goal for each point will help you reach your best potential.

Doubles Progressions With Jeff Lewis

Double Progressions are good to segment and slow down your strokes. So you can evaluate your performance, mistakes. It would be more efficient if you do them with an instructor. (Jeff lewis will be in the videos showing you how to do it).

Mastering The Overhead With Gregg Le Sueur

It’s hard to master the Overhead in a tennis game. it is important to practice if you want to be a pro-level tennis player. It’s a powerful shot that can finish the point.

Approach Shots With Gregg Le Sueur

Tennis Approach Shots is a form of a transition from the baseline up to the net. You will learn how to do it when you need to do an approach shot. And also how your footwork should be done.

Mastering Short Balls With Gregg Le Sueur

In a tennis game, no matter what style you play. Your goal is to make the opponent hit short.

You will learn everything about short balls and breaking the rhythm. How to do soft shots that can take your opponent’s ability to play their A-game. You will definitely practice how to move in and be more aggressive.

Forehand Fixes With Nadim Naser

To master Forehand, you first need to identify the problem. You will also need to work on depth and consistency.

Benefits of Online Tennis Instructions

The program has a lot of benefits, as it is an all-in-one instruction guide. The major benefits that it covers are:

  • Helps you build tennis knowledge from basics to advanced. You can take your performance to the next level. Also, increase your skills.
  • When trying to master sports techniques, you need to watch someone else’s performance. You will have a video demonstration to master the different techniques.
  • The program will help you know exactly what skills you should implement. Although if you are a beginner, you can technically start practicing and playing tennis. Without knowing all the names of the techniques.

Note you still want to learn the techniques. Considering that playing without understanding might slow your development.

  • With online tennis instruction, you will not learn just the techniques. But also how to immerse those techniques with your skills.
  • You will learn secret tips and tactics. Furthermore, how to deal with your injuries.
  • You can ask for a refund through their contact after 90 days. if you’re not completely satisfied.
  •  You get access to the online tennis instruction community of highly motivated tennis players. Connecting with other like-minded gamers can significantly speed up your progress.
  •  Live Q&A session each month with the instructors and community members.
  • Access to a Facebook group where you may receive advice/feedback on your performance and techniques.

Pros and cons of online tennis instruction 

Cons of Online Tennis Instructions

  • The program is indeed an all-in-one instruction. And it will help you become a complete player. However, it might be too pricy for beginners who just started digging into the tennis world.
  • Making progress in mastering all the techniques takes time. You won’t be able to call yourself a pro-level player within a week.

Pros of Online Tennis Instructions

  • You can purchase all-in-one instructions as a full package or get each module individually. See here the list of their products.
  • Online tennis instruction is not a scam. With simple google research, you can meet the creator.
  • With online tennis instruction, you can make time to learn and practice whenever you want.
  • At-home parents who are always busy. Who always wanted to come back to the court. They can definitely also benefit from such training.

It’s up to you now to weigh those advantages and disadvantages. To see if you are ready to commit to online tennis instruction. 


How do the Video courses work?

The videos clearly show how to work on your tennis skills in order to enhance it. Throughout the course (typically 2 or 3 months), you receive complete access to our founder and head coach, Florian Meyer, who will answer all of your questions. You can also communicate with other students in the class and talk about common issues.

Does online tennis instruction have a refund policy?

Most of their products come with a full 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If during these 60 days you feel you did not get the expected benefit out of the product, you might ask the team for a refund and you get that within one or two days.

Even after 60 days, they still can give you a refund if you have a legitimate reason. Most of their items come with a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. If you feel that you did not receive the intended benefit from the product throughout these 60 days, you may request a refund from the team, which you will receive within one or two days.
If you have a valid cause, they can still give you a refund beyond 60 days.

Pricing of online tennis instruction

The program will cost you $197/annually or with a 1 Personalized Video Review / Month, you will be charged $297/ year.


Online tennis instruction is your go-to if you want to have one place. Where you have all the tools to learn tennis techniques, strategies, secrets of high-level players. The videos may be seen on a computer or smartphone, and they can also be downloaded.

The program has different modules explained with in-depth video courses (40+ Videos per course), 60+ Training Modules (12+ Videos per module).

In each module, you will have an instructor explain how to master each technique and goal. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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