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Pencil Drawing Made Easy-review 2022-read before you buy

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Name of the program Pencil Drawing Made Easy
Category Arts & Entertainment
Creator of the program Nolan Clark


Pencil drawing is a practice that almost all artists go try. It’s incredible what can you make only by using a graphite pencil and paper. You can do sketches to organize your ideas, storyboards, and so on. However, drawing might be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner.

Learning about basics and common mistakes to avoid is crucial if you want to succeed. Today we will review the ultimate guide to draw with a pencil:” Pencil Drawing Made Easy”

Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.

 Pablo Picasso

What is “pencil drawing made easy”?

It’s an online drawing course that includes 26 hours course so you can learn how to draw realistically. It includes downloadable PDFs and videos in full HD. The course is detailed and explains how you practice different techniques. Whether you’re used to drawing or you’re new to pencil drawing, you will get to focus on strengthening your skills. No need to have an artistic background to follow the course. With pencil drawing made easy, you’re going to develop your own talent and work on it.

Name of the program  Pencil Drawing Made Easy
Category Arts & Entertainment
Main service Master drawing in pencil
Formats of the program downloadable videos
Number of modules 13
Number of hours 26
The price  $47.00
Availability  Check here

How does” pencil drawing made easy” work?

Most drawing classes require you to have talent so you can start actually drawing. On contrary, this program will aid you in your practice and help you stay motivated. Because the instructor will guide you while taking this course so you can ask him about anything that is not clear.

Nolan Clark, the creator of this program, believes that understanding what are you going to draw is key and comes before anything. That’s why in pencil drawing you will:

  • Easily define the concept of the object that you want to draw. 
  • Gradually strengthen your drawing skills.
  • Create your own portfolio that you can earn money from it.

What does “pencil drawing made easy,” include?

The program includes 13 modules. Each module will last for 2, hours which means the total is 26 hours.

Module 1, Introduction to Pencil drawing 

module 1, you will start with the basics, some of them are:

  • The equipment that you will need for this course
  • Learn how to choose the best type of pencils drawings and erasing rulers that suit your style.
  • How to sharpen your pencils, depending on the tip type.
  • Sort your pencils into categories based on how they’re used.
  • Techniques for shading with a pencil that is smooth.
  • Try different erasing types to explore how they can affect your drawing results.
  • Practice different strokes used in pencil sketching.
  • Last but not least, complete a round of a class by applying all you learned in that class.

At the end of each module, you will practice all the skills that you learned in each class.

Module 2, Shading techniques photo of a spoon 

Before stepping to module 2, you will review module 1. 

  • The lecturer will illustrate how light affects what we perceive, and where each tonal value should be found. He’ll show you where to look for the proper pencil.
  • The correct way of using shadows and reflected light to make your drawings more lifelike.Furthermore.

You will have feedback from the instructor to correct some common mistakes in shading and how can you correct them without losing your piece of drawing.

Module 3 Creating Texture

Discuss your previous work with the instructor and get some feedback, and always work on correcting common mistakes. 

For this module, you will draw a garlic and onion structure so you will learn  

 What are the factors to consider when drawing a realistic structure. For example, hidden and reflected lines, shadows.


  • Prepare your paper before you draw, drawing outlines as an example.
  • Learn the correct way to detect tonal values before drawing an item in a lot of detail.
  • You will continue learning about shadows how they operate how you should use them.
  • Techniques on how to make the onion more realistic such as backdrop and the onion skin’s ribbed effect.
  • Learn to distinguish between lighter and darker outlines and when to put them.
  • How to start with a pencil sketch to make your drawing look more simple.
  •  How to properly make sharp edges.

To make the onions and garlic seem like they’re peeling, remove the outer flakes of skin.

Module 4, Creating Depth

For this class, you will draw a flower and how to add insignificant details such as the effect of see-through between each petal.

First, you will start by identifying the type of pencil to used to draw a rose. Then you will learn the correct way to display the ripples of leaves and how to show the jagged edges of the leaf. Besides that, you will learn about the different branches from thin to thick. I think that the part of drawing petals is the most interesting, especially how to create the effect of see-through between each petal.

Module 5, Negative Drawing 

You will learn to draw a transparent wine glass. For that, you will learn also:

How to make a background of a transparent object.

The object that you will draw What are you going to learn?
Transparent item
  • Light effects.
  • Difference between a transparent object and a solid object.
  • Create an illusion to see a transparent item.
  • Negative and positive drawing.
  • creating an illusion of distance.


Module 6, Reflective Object

For this module, you are going to draw apples on a table. During the process, you will learn:

The object that you will draw What are you going to learn
Apples on a table  
  • Drawing oval shapes.
  • Make stripy texture on the skin of an apple. In addition, create a smooth surface with layers.
  • Using reflection to make it more realistic.


Note: For every module, you will learn to correct the direction of the draw. You will receive feedback before starting the next one to correct your mistakes.

Module 7, Realistic Eyes

I guarantee you you’re going to enjoy this module, as you will learn to draw realistic eyes

 The object that you will draw What are you going to learn?
  • Make all the eyes features realistic such as eyelashes, eyebrows.
  • Draw an eye that looks wet, smooth.

Module 9. Realistic Mouth

Drawing month isn’t that hard, however, the mouth is one of the expressive features in our face, so we need to be careful when drawing it.

The object that you will draw What are you going to learn?
Realistic mouth 
  • You will learn how to bring out the elements of the mouth, such as genuine teeth, gums, and lip fissures.
  • How to make teeth seem white and gleaming.
  • Draw any kind of mouth, including closed, open, and smiling mouths.

For the rest of the modules 10,11,12,13,here is a summary of what you will learn :

Module  The object that you will draw What are you going to learn
10 Ears
  • Making the ear more appealing when drawing it.
11 cheek, chin, forehead, and neck.
  • how to combine the four elements.
12 Realistic hair
  • Drawing different types of hair: straight hair, curly hair. Even the different colors.
13 Beards and mustaches
  • Drawing different types of beards long short, thick, or thin.

Bonuses of Pencil Drawing Made Easy

When you purchase Pencil Drawing Made Easy, you will get first the four bonuses, which are 

  • Clothing and knitwear–at the end of this lesson, you will draw different textures of clothes and add details such as folds. 
  • Realistic hands–you will have a full guide on how to draw realistic hands.
  • Hyper-realistic drawings–discover the common mistakes in realistic drawing
  • Pdf references and templates: downloadable pdf templates so you can transfer your outlines drawings of each module to your drawing paper. 

Note the quality of the images is high even if you want to zoom in to look at unimportant details. 

Next, you will have a free lesson on how to draw birds.

Part 1 is the basic techniques used to draw the feathers.

Part 2  you will learn how to draw any feathers in fine with any detail.

Part 3  The creator dedicated this part to teaching you how to draw the upper part of the bird. Such as the eye, beak, crown. 

Part 4 You will continue drawing other parts of the bird. For example, you will learn how to draw feathers and hair.

This is the youtube channel of  Nolan Clark the creator of pencil drawing easy made.



is pencil drawing made easy suitable for me?

According to the creator, each module is designed to gradually increase in difficulty so that you are not overwhelmed.

who’s behind pencil drawing made easy?

Nolan Clark has been teaching artists to draw and paint since 2000 in his studio in South Africa. In 2008, he emigrated to New Zealand and took his teaching online. Since then, he has taught over 3 million people to draw and paint. He specializes in taking beginner artists and teaching them how to draw and paint realistically. 

Can I get a refund, if I didn’t like the courses?

Although Nolan Clark is confident of his program, he offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. Which is enough to test if your money is worth it.

What equipment will I need for the course?

You’re going to discover the list of equipment that you need at the beginning of the course which is affordable and you can find them at any library store:

  •  2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, then a 6B or 8B pencil.
  •  A soft eraser and kneaded eraser. 
  • Drawing paper. 

Is it a scam or legit?

From reviews that I found online, you can trust the program, and purchase it. So it’s not a scam. You can check their youtube channel also to see some interesting content.

Pros and cons of Pencil Drawing Made Easy


  • The program comes with bonuses to stay motivated to continue learning.
  • The lessons are downloadable so you can purchase the program and learn at your pace whenever you want.
  • Anyone can learn to draw with Pencil Drawing Made Easy, the program is for all levels.
  • You can sell your work online after strengthening your skills and make some extra money from it.


  • You need to stay focused for two hours while watching the videos, so prepare your coffee or vitamin C.


Pencil Drawing Made Easy includes  13 modules with over 26hours of drawing lessons, starting from basics to drawing objects like a transparent wine glass, apples…

By the end of the course, you will learn to draw each element of the face separately. You will get to hear feedback from the instructor to avoid common mistakes before each module. The program will cost you $47.00.  you can also start making portraits and why not sell them online so you can make money while enjoying your hobby.

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  • Avatar

    Joseph Wilson

    When I found myself in the company of artists, I understood I had two options: learn to be like them or refuse to be like them. I took the high road and learn to draw because I had no option but to remain with them for a long. I’m delighted I came across the correct book.

    2 March 2022
  • Charles Drewek

    Charles Drewek

    I’ve been working on enhancing the aesthetics of my garden recently, and I’m always sketching on scraps of paper. I’d call myself an artist since I know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, but I do not know how to draw. This book is an excellent introduction to the fundamentals for beginners. It’s really thorough, and the illustrations throughout the book are quite useful. It will undoubtedly assist me in continuing to visualize how I desire my backyard to be. This is a good place to start for novices.

    2 March 2022

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