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Rocket Piano -Review 2022 read before you buy

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Product name Rocket piano
Category Art and entertainement
Creator Group of musicians and music professors
Main service  Learn how to play/read piano songs 


Piano lessons might cost over $100 if the teacher has an advanced level of performing besides that a professional music background. Furthermore, with all the covid situation that the world is living in now, stay at home and practice. How is that possible? 

with rocket piano the online piano lessons you will learn at your pace with software.

SO… let’s start our review for today 

What is the rocket piano?

Rocket Piano is an online course for teaching piano. It includes three ebooks. Each ebook is for a different level:

  • The first one is 165 pages for beginners.
  • Second, one 65-page intermediate book.
  • The last one is advanced piano techniques and aspects with 59 pages. 

The three books come with audio and video files. The program teaches you also about jazz piano styles. Everything is well-illustrated and explained to guide you. Besides the practical lessons, you will get to learn music theory. It’s important to practice to improve. indeed you still need to have basic music knowledge. That’s why you should not neglect this part and to make it more interesting, the creator made it a series of games.

Even if you were not interested in the history and theories of music, you still gonna find it fun. The games that you’ll find are interactive to learn how to read music. Coordinator, Jayde Musica Pro, and the Rocket Piano Metronome are some of the educational games that you will find in the Rocket Piano kit.

What does the rocket piano kit include?

The main three books 

The focus of this extensive course is on every fundamental of piano playing. Some of the core fundamentals that you will learn are the names of keys and notes also melody, rhythm, harmony. Although the three books work on teaching you fundamentals, you still gonna have some practical lessons in the intermediate book.

You will get the chance to learn how to play complex chords by ear and by eye so you can play jazz and gospel style. And to make learning more accurate, you’ll get quick tests so you can tackle your progress.

Jazz Piano book & The Gospel, Spiritual, And Hymns Book

You will learn how to play jazz songs, so you can play confidently in public. You’re going to love it for sure, especially with the help of audio and videos.

Video Lessons

The live short videos will serve you as a guide while you’re trying to learn a technique.

Audio Files

The audio files also will be your guide while playing songs, so you can hear what the performance should sound like.

What are the benefits of using the rocket piano kit?

  • A solid foundation of music fundamentals that will help you as you advance in playing.
  • You can make quick progress with the help of video and audio files.
  • Keep track of your level because you will find quizzes placed throughout the book.
  •  Five bonuses besides the five books that will teach you how to read music and how to improve your hearing and much more.
Product Name Rocket Piano Kit
Category Art and entertainment/Music
Main service Learn how to play/read piano songs 
Formats of the program Online Softwares
The price  $39.95
Availability  Check here 
Rocket piano

Bonuses of the rocket piano

  • Rocket Piano Metronome is software that allows you to play the piano while keeping a metro, which means controlling timing, speed to sound like a pro.
  • Jayde Musica Pro, with the help of this software, you will identify chords.
  • Software that teaches you how to read piano chords as chordinator.
  • Improve your hearing while playing a game, yes it’s possible with Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro.

Meet the creator of rocket piano

The award-winning team behind rocket piano is are a group of professional musicians and also passionate teachers. The team has over 30 years of experience combined to make learning music easier for you.

What are the pros and cons of rocket piano? 


  • The Rocket Piano course is inexpensive  $39.95  compared to other piano lessons that you would sign for.
  • All the packages of the program are digital copies, so you don’t have to wait so long you will get instant access.


  • You don’t have to worry about the server of payment because the rocket piano uses ClickBank.
  • An amazing plan of refund policy (3 months) if for any reason you’re not convinced with the method or results you can ask your money back.
  • NOT all programs come with very helpful bonuses, but rocket piano does. (Five bonuses that we will cover paragraph)


  • Not all lessons are backed up with videos or audio.
  • Rocket Piano is might not be suitable for young children. We recommend this online singing course for children.


The rocket piano is a downloadable course where you will get to learn and have fun same time with educational games such as the Jayde Musica Pro, and the Rocket Piano Metronome. Besides that, you will learn about the history of music cause you can’t call yourself a pianist without some basic knowledge about melody rhythm, and different genres of music.

You will have tests throughout your journey of learning to make it easier for you to track your progress.


5 reviews for Rocket Piano -Review 2022 read before you buy

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Reviewed by 05 customer(s)

  • S. Goossens

    S. Goossens

    Launching the app first loads an invalid page at, followed by taking you to Rocket Piano’s site. What is the point? I was hoping for an app containing at least the free lessons and audio/video content, with possibly micro transaction options for the intermediate, advanced and bonus lessons and audio/video.

    6 April 2022
  • Goodmanc1988


    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 11, 2016
    This app is just a link to their sales page. I can’t even log into the members area.

    3 April 2022
  • Shelley


    This “free” download is deceptive, it’s not the program, or even a trial version of the program, it simply takes you to the Rocket Piano website where you must purchase the program – even to get the supposedly “free” trial. Also, before you find all this out you must download the Amazon Underground app. Bogus practice!

    18 March 2022
  • Avatar

    Jenny Dorsey

    We started using rocket piano months ago. Me and my husband, but because we live in a fairly rural area in New Hampshire, I was apprehensive to commit to driving for lessons over a half-hour away. We discovered the rocket piano. The software is easy to use and any questions or issues we have had have been addressed immediately .

    28 February 2022
  • Monty Hanna

    Monty Hanna

    Piano lessons have been an amazing experience. The software allows me to see and hear the music I am playing even though it’s online. I can go back and review my last lesson since everything is recorded. This makes practice much easier. The software has other songs as well to practice using. You will excel in your piano skills while in the comfort of your home!

    2 February 2022

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