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Salehoo review 2022 pros and cons

Name of the product Salehoo
Category E-business & E-marketing 
Format of the product online directory of verified wholesale suppliers
Creator Simon Slade


Dropshipping is extremely appealing to many e-commerce retailers. Many people, especially those just starting out, like the concept of selling things without having to keep inventory or worry about delivery. A dropshipping e-commerce business frequently appears to be a magnificent prospect for a novice entrepreneur because of the lack of need for warehouses or items, as well as the relatively cheap startup capital required.

But from where to start? Where to find trustworthy suppliers?

Salehoo is a prominent intermediary, with 8,000 suppliers from over 100 countries (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and China) and millions of items.

Name of the product Salehoo
Category E-business & E-marketing 
Format of the product Online directory of verified wholesale suppliers
Creator Simon Slade
Availability official website
Price get it here $67


What's the difference between Wholesale and Dropshipping?

With wholesale, you can ship products to your clients by yourself. You will take responsibility for that. Whereas for dropshipping the supplier will take care of the shipment.

why dropshipping is a popular model for first-time eCommerce entrepreneurs?

When compared to other eCommerce shop creation techniques, dropshipping needs less investment of money when starting, and overhead expenditures. It’s one of the most straightforward and risk-free ways to launch an online store.

Do all suppliers ship worldwide?

Most suppliers do ship worldwide. However, you need to check their information on the dashboard.

What is Salehoo? 

Salehoo is a popular online directory of verified wholesale suppliers and drop shippers suppliers. Founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2005 by Simon Slade.

It acts as an intermediary between online traders and traditional retailers, worldwide (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and China),  With almost  8,000 suppliers and 1.6 million products.

How does Salehoo work? (Salehoo features)

Dropship Suppliers

Once you subscribe to Salehoo, and you become a member, you can choose to search for dropshipping suppliers. Here, you don’t store products physically, you just need to add them to your store (e-commerce website).

When a client puts an order :

  • Purchase the product at wholesale from your third-party provider(supplier).
  • Then provide them with the customer’s billing information so the customer will receive the product. 

P.S: the product is shipped in place of you with your information on the receipt.

Wholesale Suppliers

You will have over  7000 wholesalers that you can choose from. Most suppliers offer good wholesale prices so you can earn valuable profit. You can also look for wholesale suppliers. 

  •  you will first buy products.
  • Then sell them to your customers. Here you take care of the shipping.

Note: Of course, you won’t sell at wholesale pricing. You can quickly save and compare products based on price, competition, popularity, and average price.

Usually, when buying products wholesale it won’t cost you a lot. However, when selling each product individually, you will set up a higher price (gross margin). This difference is what you will gain.

Factors to consider before buying products

  • Don’t buy from the first supplier that you find.
  • Choose 3-4  suppliers then compare their terms of working and conditions. Then you can decide which one to contact.
  • Customer service reviews. Products that have more positive reviews mean their gravity is good. But same time has more competitors.
  • Where they ship to. Unfortunately, not all suppliers ship worldwide.

Market research (looking for trustworthy suppliers) 

Salehoo will help you find popular niches and products most sold. Salehoo also provides a solution “sell rate”, which is a fantastic feature. It will display all competition statistics so you can find items with less competition. As a result, you will stand out and be distinctive in a saturated market.

Training & Support

Salehoo offers different training and support. Such as business set-up/product sourcing/eBay selling and selling on amazon.

Personal support SaleHoo experts will answer any question that you have via live chat, social media (Facebook/Twitter).

Selling tactics forums 

Get instant access to tried-and-true practices that would take you years to learn on your own. Examine the winning strategies of a few seven-figure online store owners. There are almost 60,000 postings on the forum discussing supplier ideas.

Step-by-step guides

With this help, you will avoid some of the most typical mistakes of newcomers. In order to achieve your objectives faster by properly establishing your business.

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Is Salehoo Suitable for Me?/Who Is Salehoo For?

  • A side hustle takes time to make big sales. Although starting your own business might also take time. with Salehoo, you will have everything set up. It’s a good place to start off if you’re a beginner.
  • For beginners who don’t know where to start. What products to sell or even looking for legitimate suppliers. Salehoo will furthermore support you with information such as target demographic or target gender to increase your profit.
  • Furthermore, even experienced business owners can use Salehoo when they want to explore other niches or other products.
  • Salehoo acts as a complete guide for beginners who are uncertain about how to start, what products to sell and which supplier to contact.
  • People who want to grow their business globally (internationally) and don’t have trustworthy suppliers in their countries.

Salehoo Pricing

Salehoo has actually two pricing plans for you. Annual and the other lifetime

salehoo price

There are two other programs

The second is aim to ensure you add high-profit products to your Shopify store. This program comes both annually and monthly plans and each plan offers a team plan and sizes 1-2 people.

The third is called Educate. It’s basically a guide to launching a Shopify store and amazon. each one comes separately. 

Money-back guarantee

Okay, the best for the last. Salehoo offers you a money-back guarantee in all plans cited above within 30 days. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

Pros and Cons of Salehoo


  • You will have 12 hr/ weekday customer services to answer all your questions and help you get over the struggles that you might face during your work. 
  • There are several resources and tools for market research, as well as instructional courses with video and audio recordings and seller training centers.
  • You will get your money back if you’re not completely happy.
  • So many suppliers offer minimum orders, which is a superb choice for people who are not ready to invest a lot.


  • The profit margin may not be great, as you will use a third-party platform to sell your products unless you use your own website.
  • You won’t be selling products you created. However, you will sell well-known products, Disney, Lego, Adidas. But many e-commerce techniques work like affiliate marketing.

Salehoo reviews 

This is where you’re going to find more reviews. People who have used Salehoo or others ask for help or some sort of clarification.



Salehoo features over 7000 wholesalers, manufacturers, and drop shippers in its database, as well as comprehensive information on retailers and wholesalers for selecting high profit for a new business.

Salehoo is an excellent resource for businesses that are just getting started.
You have the option of dropping shipping or wholesale. In both circumstances, you’ll have a lot of help to get you where you want to go. There is also market research accessible, as well as minimal offer orders if you are not ready to pay so much.

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