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Sqribble Review 2022 – EBook Creator Pros And Cons

Name of the product Sqribble
Category E-business & E-marketing 
Format of the product Oline software
Creator Adeel Chowdhry


The goal of lead generation is to attract more customers. In order to do that, you can create live events, coupons… 

One of the effective ways to do that is to create an ebook. However, it can take you ages and cost you a lot. That’s why we’re here today to review an online ebook creator called Sqribble

How does it work? What are the benefits of using and more? 

What is Sqribble?

Is an e-book creator studio that needs no installation compatible with all computers. You will have 50  built-in professional templates to choose from and 15 niche categories.

The templates are designed specifically to attract readers and make them engaged in what you’re saying, so they get interested in your services /products.

Name of the product Sqribble
Category E-business & E-marketing 
Format of the product Oline software
Creator Adeel Chowdhry
Availability official website
Price get it here $67

What are the features that come with sqribble? (does it really work? )

Sqribble comes with a lot of amazing features to allow you to create stunning ebooks easily. Here are some features that we think are handy :


Drag and drop design 


sqribble features


Add Design Elements

sqribble features


Add Unlimited Pages or delete pages 



sqribble features


Automatically create content

sqribble features


Automatic pagination


sqribble features


Automatic headers and footers 

scqribble features

How does Sqribble work? 

There are different ways how you can create your ebook

Starting from scratch You can start from scratch but I don’t recommend this one. If you’re willing to get Sqribble because you want to generate your ebook magnet lead fast. 

Turn your content /files into an ebook

  • Copy and paste: you do this manually copy and paste, then drop and drag.
  • Extract content from your website: With this method, sqribble will automatically create your ebook. You just need to copy your URL(it’s preferable to use the content that you wrote by yourself due to copyright issues). Then, Sqribble will do all the work for you. First, it will remove HTML coding, then it will extract only content and images. 
  • Upload a document. If you have material, ready you just need to upload it, and again Sqribble will do all the work for you. (I am not sure if PDFs and words are the only supported documents. However, you can easily transform your documents online).

Benefits of using Sqribble 

Saving money

Sqribble is an all-in-one creating ebook software. It’s one place where you will find templates, designs, fonts….


besides creating ebooks you can also create reports, info products. Once you explore the templates, you will get inspired.


50  built-in professional templates

the templates are ready to be used. The layouts and the design of the templates are created according to different niche specifications. 

Saving your work reminders

Although the software doesn’t have an auto-saving option. You will get friendly reminders to save your work each time you edit.

Automated content generation: even if you don’t have superb writing skills with this feature, you can have the titles that will attract your readers, and probably they can become customers.

Free commercial license

You’ll get a commercial license to sell your ebooks, as well as a ready-made website to entice customers.

Creator of Sqribble Ebook Adeel Chowdhary

With over 10 years of expertise in the digital world, Adeel Chowdhry is a highly sought-after online entrepreneur and speaker.
He is the author of many international hits, including Pixel Studio FX, Social Studio FX, and others. It has featured him in a variety of media channels, including the New York Times Best Seller “The Laptop Millionaire,” and he hosts regular events all around the world and individual coaching programs.

Word of the author  

After 12 months in development and thousands of hours, Sqribble was born. It is now being made available to the public for the first time! Sqribble is the world’s first ‘point & click’ instant eBook creator that requires zero technical skills! No expense was spared as they developed it for themselves, and Sqribble allows anyone to create unlimited professional eBooks using the in-built templates, add instant content, use thousands of royalty free images and web icons, edit and customize to publish within minutes. Your success is our success, so we went the extra mile to provide you with an opportunity to profit from Sqribble not only for your personal projects, but with a commercial license and instant agency website allowing you to sell eBook creation services to your clients.


Is Sqribble for me? (Who can use sqribble?)

  • If you are a marketer who wants to create lead magnet ebooks for your business. Then this software is for you.
  • A freelancer who’s creating ebooks, PDfs, and reports for agencies and clients.
  • Small business owners who have a low budget. And can’t afford the prices of editing programs.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Affiliate marketers frequently develop or need an eBook that explains their product, or they use these eBooks as a gift for their consumers, which is a wonderful approach to establish trust between customers and their product.

What are the bonuses of Sqribble?

Once you purchase Sqribble, you will get a FREE Commercial License! (Worth $497).

Client Management Dashboard with this feature, you will organize your work and keep track of your progress. 

Feedback Engine

after creating your ebook, you can share your private link with your clients. They can leave comments and feedback about your work. This way, you will save time and energy and stay organized.

Free agency website! (Worth $997)

Having a website in 2022 to show your portfolio has never been easy as this before. With sqribble you will get one ready for you with texts images and everything you need so your client’s order.

Is sqribble legit or a scam? What are people saying about Sqribble?

From what I found around the internet and platforms reviews such as Quora and Reddit. Most people who use the program are satisfied. So the program is legit, no worries.

Guarantee policy 

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Sqribble’s team is saying that you can try the program for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied Then, They will give you all your money back. 

The downside of sqribble

Some amazing features are locked behind upsells,  such as 3D covers and Flipbook feature:

    • Upsell 1 Sqribble professional. the most successful ones are only available in the professional edition), graphics, and a lot more ready-made site content for a variety of genres.  
    • Upsell 2  Sqribble Prime Every month, Sqribble will add 15 premium “limited edition” new eBook templates to your dashboard. This will help you build up your library. This is ideal for moderate users.
    • Upsell 3 Sqribble Fantasia 3D: First, there is inside your dashboard a 3D cover design tool that allows you to change “flat” covers into lifelike 3D covers. Great for attracting more attention and giving your books a more “genuine” look and feel. You will also have made “Flipbooks,” which transform your eBooks into dynamic and animated pages that spin. They may be accessed from anywhere on the internet and can be integrated into websites using a single line of code. 

 Pros and cons of Sqribble


  • You will choose from 50 templates to create amazing eBooks. that would match your niche and customize it as your needs.
  • Sqribble is online software, so it will be compatible with your device no matter what it was.
  • The dashboard and interface are easy to navigate and use.
  • You may advertise your services on the Sqribble website. After purchasing the commercial license, you may also sell your templates and designs.
  • You may use ebooks you’ve published on any platform to advertise or market your business.
  • According to your specialty, the automatic content engine generates headlines and bullet points.
  • Creating Unlimited ebooks.


  • Something that I find important is to have a guide when using online software. Unfortunately for Sqribble there are no instructions or guides on how you t use tools. You must explore by yourself and try things.
  • The upsells that we’ve talked before about. They do not come with the Sqribble you need to pay for each one. 
  • You cannot upload fonts (However you will have +300 google fonts).
  • Limited storage for media library upload (100MB).

Frequently asked questions

How Many Ebooks Can I Create?

You can create an unlimited number of ebooks. You can use the automated generating content feature.

Can I Upload My Own Images?

Yes, you can. Besides the integrated images, icons, and backgrounds.You have 100MB of space to upload as many images as you want to use in your projects.

What File Types Does It Export?

Currently, Sqribble is only supporting PDF format files. But soon, they’re willing to add more file types.

Are Software Updates Included?

You only pay once and take advantage of all the updates. They constantly update the software with all the latest patches and fixes. Updates are automatic and at no extra cost to you.

Is There A Monthly Fee To Use Sqribble?

For now, access to Sqribble is a onetime payment! No monthly subscription charges or hidden fees. 

Important according to their sell page they were saying soon they will start the monthly fee charges for the new customers. Keep in mind this review was published on 21st March 2022.

Can I Sell The Ebooks I Create With Sqribble?

 A commercial agency license is also included which allows you to create eBooks for clients and charge them.

Where can I get Do I Get Support?

For Product Support, please contact the vendor HERE.

For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE.


Sqribble is a cloud-based ebook creation tool that allows you to make ebooks, reports, research papers, guides, manuals, and educational materials, effectively removing other tools like word processors and design software and saving you hundreds of dollars on professional ebook design and formatting services. You can take advantage of the original features that come with it. However, other features come as an upsell which is not really convenient.

You can get sqribble at $67 from their official website. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any product reviews you want to read:

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  • nancy06


    Sqribble is unique. It’s jam-packed with professional templates, stunning cover designs, and, shockingly, it’s bug-free. In fact, the entire process of publishing an eBook with Sqribble is quite simple and straightforward.

    23 March 2022

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