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The Vert Shock Review – Read Before You Buy!

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Major benefits building strength, emphasis on explosiveness.


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You’ve probably found over 315 million results when you googled how to slam dunk like a pro before coming to our place in our it means you’re looking for answers you probably you’ve been wanting either to slam dunk(increasing your vertical jump) or you wanna go from benchwarmer to starting lineup, or why not throw down your first dunker goal.

Indeed you don’t know where to start from. There are a lot of programs on the internet promising you to improve your vertical jump but most of them are not created by professional basketball players in contrast, to the Vert Shock, the program that we’re presenting today is created by Adam Folker ( an NCAA Division I team in the Big West Conference ) and Justin Darlington( winner of the Nike+ Basketball Dunk Showcase in Washington D.C).

So…. let’s get started


The Vert shock is an assembling of techniques of professional dunking players and athletes presented as a program that you will do during 8 weeks.

The goal is to shock your muscles by activating both your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. The program reinforces muscular performance by guiding you towards the correct exercise for example plyometric workouts that will cover later on.

Each type of this workout is going to work on the tendon’s elasticity, making them springy. For this purpose,  your high jump will increase.


Where do I purchase the Vert shock?

The only official website to purchase the program click here

How much time do I need to see results and improve my score?

The results vary from person to person depending on the athletic background. Some people start seeing results from the first week, others the second, Just make sure to finish the 8 weeks to reach explosive results.

The refund policy

If you want a refund, you must email the program’s supplier within 60 days. The 60-day period is long enough to put the program to the test and improve your vertical leap. You have nothing to lose if you give the program a go.

If the program does not meet your expectations or your jump height does not improve within eight weeks, you have the right to a refund. 

Program Name Vert Shock
Category Sport /basketball
Main benefit  building strength, emphasis on explosiveness.
Formats of program E-book
The price   $138  Get it here official website 
Bonus  10 free bonuses Workbooks/checklists/Revealed Secrets 
Availability  Check here 

How does the Vert Shock program work?

To improve your vertical height jump, you must engage in heavy range training that will target and empower your muscle fibers and this is the main role of vert shock. The fiber muscles that your body periods eds to get the best of your vertical height jump are the fast-twitch muscles. However, your body uses the slow-twitch muscles. For this purpose, the series of this program is designed to provide enough power to your muscles so that your body can start using fast-twitch fibers instead of slow-twitch fibers. 

The total number of workouts is 41 and mainly they are 

  •  strength training workouts.
  •  static core workouts.
  •  high-impact power workouts.
  •  ground-contact jump training exercises.

Furthermore, the creators of this program divided it into three phases – The pre Shock Phase, the Shock Phase, and the Post Shock Phase. Here is what to expect in each of the three phases.

The three phases of the vert shock

Pre-Shock Phase

Duration: seven days 

Learning path: prepare your body for the second phase’s rigorous workouts. They’ll also assist you in determining how your muscle fibers are used.

Expected results: your vertical jump height will have increased by around 3-5 inches.

Shock Phase

Duration: 6 weeks

Learning path: the pieces of training vary from strength training and plyometric workouts at least four times per week.

Expected results: creators of this program recommend achieving good results

 Post-Shock Phase

Duration: six intense days 

Learning path: exercises that will help you activate your fast-twitch muscles.

Expected results:  managing high jump each time you want and also maintaining a consistent jump height.

An additional Phase

 This weekly maintenance routine includes the warm-up, exercises, and cool-down that you should complete. You may incorporate it into your normal workouts.

Duration: as much as you want 

Expected results: maintain your peak, and if you fell short of your peak, it will still allow you to get there.

What are the slow-twitch muscles and the fast-twitch muscles?

 Slow-twitch muscle fibers, which move more slowly but help you stay moving longer, and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which help you move quicker but for shorter periods of time, make up the bulk of muscle fibers.

The contraction, or how rapidly and frequently the muscle moves, is referred to as “twitch.”

The purpose of slow-twitch muscle fibers is to provide endurance or long-lasting energy. Fast-twitch muscle fibers, on the other hand, provide brief bursts of energy but wear quickly.

Examples of exercises for each type of muscles 

slow-twitch muscle fibers Fast-twitch muscle fibers
  • low-intensity exercises with a lot of power.
  • standing up sitting down.
  • many yoga poses while walking.
  • some pilates movements.
  • Lifting weights. 
  • Jumping.
  • Boxing.
  • sprinting.

Some results of people tried the program 

Many basketballers out there tried the program and gave their reviews online. we collected some of them here

User 1  He entered with a 16-inch vertical In the first week, he saw no improvement, afterwards, he increased to 21 inches. In fact. He was getting about an inch every two weeks.  The final results he ended at 28 inches.

User 2 After the first week, his vertical leap got a 3.5-inch boost. He mentioned that it had a lot to do with him not jumping properly and not training the proper muscles. By fixing this form and doing proper workouts for jumping my body responded quickly. I’m not totally sure though, but I’ll take it.

User 3

This user took the program for two rounds. The first week started with 25 inches by the middle of his journey (week 4) he reached 31.6 inches. He kept pushing himself every time he increased even a few inches until he finished with 35.2.

However, he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more improvement so he went for the second round but before that, he took a break for two weeks and guess what? By the end of the 8th week, he reached 40.7 inches. He said that maintenance is key and keeping improving is what will ensure good results.

What are the bonuses of this program?

The program comes with extra content to reinforce your path of learning. The good news is that they are for free and you won’t pay anything above the original price. Here are a few of the bonuses :

The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher

Getting an extra few tips and techniques won’t hurt right! This is what you’ll find inside this free bonus: the  5 of Justin’s secrets.

Weekly check-ins (tracker)

Because the creators have been through the journey of increasing their own vertical jumps they know it can be an overwhelming process and it’s hard to stay consistent and disciplined that’s why they have created a simple weekly email check-in system.

NBA jump secrets reveal 

You will learn why you need to pull yourself toward the ground to take your vertical jump to the next level and dunk faster and easier.

Other bonuses 

  • The ‘Dunk Now’ Visualization Workout.
  • The Vert Shock Vert Tracker Workbook.
  • The Vert Shock Maintenance Program.
  • The ‘Power Leak Fix for Overnight.

What are the exercises of Vert Shock?

As we already mention you will have 41 workouts during 56 days, the exercises have a high level of intensity mainly they are 

Core strength  those exercises are important to prepare your body to enter high-intensity exercises like jumping 

Plyometrics exercises 

Plyometric exercise improves your body’s capacity to generate force more rapidly and effectively. Plyometric training has been shown to improve one’s jump height, sprint time, and change of direction in the sport, according to research. Improve the rate of force generation, reduce ground contact duration, and optimize the stretch-shortening cycle to achieve this.


Core strength is essential for reaching your peak vert, but actual power is also required. Power is highly crucial when it comes from the lower body. The emphasis is on deep squats and other workouts, and this is where actual muscle building would be most beneficial.



  • Detailed program tips methods and videos to achieve faster results 
  • A great plan for the refund policy 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Safe for teenagers it won’t affect your genetics or your growing process 
  • You will get plenty of bonuses one of them is a tracking system that will help you track your progress 


Some basketball players who tried the program claimed that the scientific background is limited, therefore for people who want to explore and go deeper, the creators said you can contact them and they will send you a link to download all of their research.


The Vert Shock program is a program designed for basketballers or even other athletes who want to improve their vertical jumps while building strong muscles. The system, however, lasts for 8 weeks and for anyone who wants to have great results you need to be consistent and follow all the instructions otherwise you will not reach the ultimate jumping dunk that you can reach for real.


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Reviewed by 04 customer(s)

  • baller


    Nice, I’m 5’11 16 and I’m on Nathanael Mortons free bw program, I’ve finished phase 1(first month) and so far not able to touch the rim yet

    9 January 2022
  • Tonipesonic


    Yo, I completed phase 1 of your free BW vertical jump program, and I already see some improvements in my bounce, nothing crazy. I’m pretty unathletic btw. The rim I’m dunking on is 9 feet or something and I could dunk only off my left leg. Today I managed to dunk off my right leg and off 2 feet with both approaches. Your program is the legit man. I appreciate your work

    9 January 2022
  • Avatar

    Blake Hager

    I used this for about 2 and a half months it got me about 5 or 6 inches at most I could barley touch backboard but now I’m touching rim… still on my journey to dunk.

    8 January 2022
  • Bryan Nixon

    Bryan Nixon

    My biggest problem with Vert Shock is the lack of recovery between workouts. It would be a much better program if it were condensed into 2-3 workouts per week. I gave it a try a few years ago. I got some small gains early on, then started having some aches and pains due to lack of recovery

    8 January 2022

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