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Theme matcher review 2022 read before you buy

Category Computers / Internet
Subcategory Web Site Design
Main service   Create from static/HTML page layout to a customized WordPress theme.


A great theme matcher is one that has the ability to match a client’s needs with the right theme. A good theme matcher is not just able to provide a list of themes, but also explain how each one can be applied in different scenarios and how they will work for the client.

This is what Theme Matcher is going to provide and more. What are the pros and cons of the software?

What is Theme matcher?

 Is an online tool that will help you transfer static/HTML page layout to a customized WordPress theme.

The software will preserve the same design as your website. If you want to add a blog to your website and want to keep a similar design, then Theme matcher will help you.

You will need to enter the URL and select the content area, then the sidebar. Just with a few steps, you will have the theme set up. 

Even if you’re not familiar with creating themes, the process will be easy. You will have a short video guiding you.

Service Name Theme matcher
Category Computers / Internet
Main benefits  Create from static/HTML page layout to a customized WordPress theme.
Price  Standard       $47
Professional  $67
Resseler       $297
Official website  Click Here
Refund 60  Days Money Back Guarantee
Skill Level Needed All levels

How does Theme matcher work?

The setup of your theme includes three simple steps.

Procedure 1

Enter the URL of your website, then select the content area and sidebar Those two components correspond to the WordPress Theme.

Procedure 2 

Next, you will select the sidebar area comprising the theme’s widget. In the end, you can edit and remove any element such as the search box, login area, the logo area.

Procedure 3

You will get a preview before finalizing and deciding on your theme. Theme matcher gives you the preview to see if you want to change anything from colors and layouts.

Once applying the changes and you’re satisfied so. You can download your theme.

P.S., the software will migrate the CSS from your site’s source.

When downloading your theme, you have two options:

What’s the story behind Theme matcher ?

In 2012, Theme Matcher was created to solve the problem of getting a WordPress blog to match the branding of its primary site. 

Back in time, it was the first service of kind.Just by inserting any URL, you can produce a custom WordPress theme in just seconds.

To keep up with the changing world of web development and WordPress, they introduced the system’s third rewrite in April 2018.
The most recent version emphasizes code quality. The current WordPress best practices for SEO and structure are followed by generated themes. This implies that if you’re a developer who wants to make more changes, the files are ordered and logically set out.

Who is the Software for?



Even Website designers can benefit from theme matcher services. They can simply develop HTML format prototypes of different themes’ layout. It will save your time and you’re a web developer and won’t cost you that much.

Startups :

startups can match their blog with their landing page.


You can make some profit while creating WordPress themes with Theme Matcher. You will invest a small amount of money and then gain a lot more. If you wish to sell the themes you create, you can use freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr.

Affiliate marketers

Theme matcher has an affiliate program. If you will use it you can talk about your experience with it in your blog. List the features that you liked and others that you didn’t like. You can earn 50% commission for every sale from your website.




How many pages can I convert?

Theme matcher will use one of your pages as a ‘template,’ and will turn it into a WordPress theme. In the WordPress dashboard, you may then create as many articles and pages as you want. Based on the template page you choose, each page will have the same appearance.

How do I know the code is high quality?

Code quality is becoming more of a concern in the WordPress community, and it’s critical for security and theme maintenance. According to Theme matcher, their themes are built on a proprietary foundation that they have been refining since 2012.

Where did the menu and links go?

Outside of the zones you choose, all HTML is preserved. This implies that your menus and links will continue to function normally and will point to your existing pages. In WordPress, you can add widgets to make it easier for visitors to move around your site.

How can I make revisions to my theme after I purchase?

Create a new theme, then enter your order number on the download page to skip paying and get straight to downloading.

What is the maximum number of pages I can convert?

We’ll use one of your pages as a ‘template,’ and we’ll turn it into a WordPress theme. In the WordPress dashboard, you may then create as many articles and pages as you want. Based on the template page you choose, each page will have the same appearance.

What is the price of a theme matcher?

You have three plans that you can choose from: 

The Professional plan would be more suitable for those who don’t have coding skills in PHP CSS. Furthermore, you will have premium support.

Standard plan Reseller” plan is probably more suitable for web designers and freelancers. you can build HTML WordPress services and sell them for a high profit.

What customers are saying about the software?

review theme matcher
theme matcher review
review theme matcher

The pros and cons of Theme matcher

So far we’ve listened to an overview of the software without discussing the good and the bad sides of it. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Affordable prices, compared to prices that freelancers would suggest.
  • Friendly user, you can create a WordPress theme for your blog. It will match your website layouts and colors.


  • When creating blogs, it will not look 100% the same, but the colors, design patterns and the header will look the same.
  • If you have a content area with two sidebars on your website, you might struggle a bit. You can’t t set 2 different sidebars on the fly. However, you can do that manually.
  • The same thing applies to the header. If your website header is complicated. Or you have two codings that will get complicated.

Indeed, those are actually not major drawbacks. You can go with The Professional plan, which comes with premium support. They will solve anything you’re struggling with.


To wrap up Theme Matcher is software that will help you create website templates while saving money and time. The steps to create a theme for your website are easy. Even newbies on website building can use it as it will assist you in every step. You don’t have to master coding languages, HTML, or CSS.

You have a preview version before committing to the theme.No rush to decide. This option makes you comfortable when deciding about your theme. You can also migrate to WordPress with them matcher.


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