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Videly Review 2022: Beware Before You Signup!

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Category E-Commerce and internet marketing / SEM & SEO
Suitable for
  • internet marketing experts
  • Youtubers
  • Anyone who owns a business
  • Video agency
  • SEO expert or agency
  • Vloggers
Main Features Deeper keyword research /YouTube competition views/adding relevant keywords to title videos /tags /description


Most of the YouTubers run side hustles like affiliate marketing besides running their own businesses and with a simple google search, we can find over 431 million results showing how important it is to use video marketing whether it is for promoting your services or your products. That’s why we’re here today to talk about Videly.



Videly is a cloud-based software that it’s going to help you rank your videos on google and youtube. It will boost your ranking no matter how bad it is.

Service Name Videly 
Category E-business & E-marketing 
Main features   Deeper keyword research /YouTube competition views/adding relevant keywords to title videos /tags /description
Suitable for 
  • Internet marketing experts
  • Youtubers 
  • Anyone who owns a business 
  • Video agency
  • SEO expert or agency
  • Vloggers
Price  $47
Official website  Click here 
Start optimizing your video  RIGHT FROM HERE 

What is Videly and who’s behind it?

Videly in other words is a video marketing software that will improve your SEO effectively and fast.

Videly is created by Vlad and Stoica the go-to people when it comes to YouTube marketing.

The story of Vlad and Stoica begins when they started coaching their trainees on how to monetize YouTube traffic with CPA offers in the early years, and they proactively spread to the rest of the VIP members on the well-known blackhatworld site.

They finally realized that there is a massive opportunity in the market. They began to teach their student how to consult local businesses and profit from the potential application by assisting them with their marketing initiatives.

Eventually ended up creating online software for video marketing for example BlasterSuite.However today we’re covering Videly.


Do I have to pay for monthly subscriptions?

The good news is you’re going to pay once for a lifetime software you don’t have to pay for updates.

Is there any possibility for new features in the future?

Vlad and Stoic are known for their experience with video marketing and they have been improving the software each time by testing every sneaky SEO ranking tactic. And! It will be automatically updated since it’s cloud-based.

Is Videly standard enough or do I need to upgrade?

It depends on what you’re looking for and what are your goals. The standard version still gives you keyword Research, and Video Details however if you wanna go further with features like niche analysis and rank tracker or you want reports for your clients you might consider checking Videly pro or Videly agency. 


How do I know if my operating system is compatible with Videly?

You don’t have to worry about this Yes. Videly, on the other hand, is a cloud-based service that works regardless of your device’s operating system or version. 

Is Videly compatible with keywords?

In Arabic or any other language, and in any NICHE, Videly works!

Any foreign language may be researched and ranked for. In fact, rating in a foreign language is much more straightforward!

videly review

How does Videly work?

The software basically follows three key steps to get you ranking in the first places 

In the first operation, we have keyword research 

You’ll have a list that displays where the keywords will rank in search engines. In addition, the absolute feature distinguishes from presenting you with targeted keywords that are pertinent to your field, as well as a list of long-tail keywords with low competition.  

Targeting the relevant keyword is fundamental to ensuring that your videos receive traffic and ranking and that they are routed to your offerings and website.

Videly analyzes the keyword competition and derives the best from it in order to locate and target the best keywords for your products/services. This is the software’s main and necessary step in ensuring the best results. 

how does videly work

Summarizing the process of keyword research 

  •  Entering your main keyword 
  • Choosing the sources you want to use to find keywords(including the country) 

Second Creating  Your Video Details

This tool in Videly will automatically create large SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and tags for you.

All you have to do here is use the function to determine your two secondary keywords.

These keywords will be apparently added to your Videly-generated video title, description, and tags.

In the video description, we will also include our social accounts and a call to action.

As a consequence, the program will include your website, call to action, and media profiles in the video description automatically.

You will also have access to the video details list to see all of the video information that the tool created for you(tags/description/title).

The last step customizing the video details  

Since you’ll have access to the video details furthermore you can copy and paste previous keywords and explore a variety of results.

What are the available upsells for videly?

The software will cost you $47 (click here to get it )  but normally costs between  $200 to  $497.

Ps: they’re offering a discount considering that this review was published on 17/01/2022)

So what are you waiting for? 

A lifetime licence = $47 one-time fee, You pay once and use it forever.

It covers lifetime updates and customer support. 

Now let’s get a look at the plans

The standard version 

For this purchase, you will have access to keyword Research, and Video Details. 

Checkmark This plan is for you if you’re looking for a keyword generator + developing video SEO information

Videly Pro 

Features such as Niche Analysis and Rank Tracker are provided as an upsell. There is so much more.

wants to be able to swiftly analyze categories and keywords, as well as check your video ranks on Google and YouTube, with just a few clicks.

Having the Keyword Analysis to check your keyword competition and the Rank Tracker to evaluate how your videos are doing on a regular basis will save you a lot of time.

Going Pro also gives you the ability to run several campaigns at the same time, as well as an extra piece of software entitled Split Blaster, which allows you to obtain Copyright Free Videos from YouTube to include in your own videos.

Videly Agency

This plan is to make SEO video reports for yourself or your clients. You can build video reports and mail them to YouTube subscribers or clients to enhance your company.

You may sell similar reports on freelance sites, you’ll locate your Videly moneymaker download, and you’re finished with your agency theme template.

Videly agency has a slew of other features that can help you generate even more money with Videly.

Moreover, you’ll have the capacity to save your keyword findings into a file that you can share with clients. You’ll obtain Videly Agency rights as well as the DFY cash machine, which teaches you how to utilize Videly to make money with videos.

Videly Standard version
videly pro version
videly agency plan

Get any plan you want from here!

                         Get any plan you want from here!

Videly Bonuses 

the videly software will come with a few yet great bonuses :

  • Live private training session: This is your chance to learn how to start your own video marketing firm.
  • Making a 5-minute video: This allows you to discover how to make films that convert well and provide a lot of traffic to your website and offerings.

Now that we walked you through an overview of videly let’s just summarize a few points in the pros and cons 


  • You pay only one time with No monthly fees.
  • Lifetime updates and support included.
  • Works in multiple languages, and in any niche.
  • Drives 100% free visitors from Google & Youtube


  • No free trial
  • You still need to promote your products or services not just with videos  that’s why you might consider checking all-in-one SEO Tool Suite SERPed which we did a full review about  check here


Videly is a great video marketing easy to use and comes with different plans even the standard version can serve you well with keyword research and video details. Moreover, you’ll have another plan like pro videly and videly agency where you’ll get advanced features such as reports niche analysis and rank tracker, in addition to the great features you’ll pay only once and can use it a lifetime. Despite this, you can’t really rely on video marketing software it won’t make you rich, you still have to keep promoting your services and products.

it’s up to you now to decide

Make your videos rank the #1

Videly video ranking tool

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  • Axom Xorn

    Axom Xorn

    Axom Xorn

    That really helped. I have 1 question: Do we have to separately buy PRO features or include in 47$.

    17 January 2022
  • Avatar

    lucas marques

    I want to buy, I saw you added the official website here in this review thank you

    17 January 2022
  • vanessa santos

    vanessa santos

    i was really impressed with Videly and bought it and all my videos are on the front page.

    17 January 2022

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